Our top winter cleaning services will keep your facility clean and safe from cold, flu, slips, and falls.

3 Must-Have Winter Cleaning Services

Keep the snow and sleet outside where they belong with these KleenMark services.


Our top winter cleaning services will keep your facility clean and safe from cold, flu, slips, and falls.KleenMark was born in Madison, WI, and has spent 60 years serving businesses across the Midwest. That means we know a thing or two about our region’s often frigid, unrelenting winters.

Over our decades in the commercial cleaning business, we’ve developed methods and systems for cleaning that are both tough enough to withstand the Midwest winters and safe for your employees.

Here are three of the must-have winter cleaning services that we recommend to keep your facility clean, safe, and looking great all season long:

  1. Floor and entryway cleaning
  2. Vent and duct cleaning
  3. High touch point disinfecting

Learn more about these winter cleaning services and why we recommend them for all of our Midwestern customers!


Floor and entryway cleaning

Office building floors and entrances show wear and tear faster than any other part of a building, and they’re often the first places where melting snow, slush, and dirty footprints accumulate during the winter months. They’re also the first thing employees, clients and visitors see when they enter, so it’s important to keep them looking their best, no matter the season.

Our cleaning crews can perform carpet extraction for deep-set stains as well as buffing and mopping for tile or vinyl flooring. Aside from looking good and making a good impression, well-kept carpet and clean, dry flooring will keep employees and visitors safe during these cold winter months.


Vent and duct cleaning

Just because you can’t see the dust and allergens in your office doesn’t mean they’re not there! KleenMark’s cleaning crews can dust high-up and hard-to-reach areas, but we also recommend annual vent and duct cleaning, where debris often originates and can build up over time. Regular cleaning will also keep your ducts in good working order, and help keep the air quality in your building healthy and safe for everyone inside.


High-touch point disinfecting 

The arrival of colder weather also means the unfortunate arrival of cold and flu season. Keeping high-touch surfaces sanitized and disinfected is the first step toward staving off illness during the winter months. We thoroughly disinfect surfaces such as door handles, light switches, bathroom countertops, faucets and all applicable kitchen areas. We can also safely disinfect shared office equipment like computers, printers, copiers, etc.


At KleenMark, we know that keeping employees and visitors healthy can be a challenge as the weather turns cold, but we have tremendous experience in commercial cleaning and “winterizing” offices throughout our home state of Wisconsin and the Midwest.

If you’re looking for winter cleaning services and a top-notch team to help keep your facility looking great no matter the season, contact us today for a quote!

For more cold-weather cleaning tips, keep reading the KleenMark blog.

Talk to our Kleen Team about implementing these commercial cleaning services as part of your facility’s cleaning routine.

5 Overlooked Commercial Cleaning Services

Don’t forget these critical services when scheduling cleaning for your facility!

Talk to our Kleen Team about implementing these commercial cleaning services as part of your facility’s cleaning routine.A good cleaning service will check the boxes of all the things that come to mind when you think of cleaning — vacuuming, disinfecting bathrooms, and dusting countertops. A stellar cleaning service will perform services you didn’t even know your office needed. Here are five of the most overlooked commercial cleaning services we recommend for our commercial cleaning customers:

  1. Regular carpet care
  2. Tile scrubbing
  3. High dusting
  4. Exterior windows
  5. Upholstery cleaning

Read on to learn more about these commercial cleaning services and how they can benefit your facility!


Regular carpet care

Of course, our cleaning professionals will vacuum the carpet flooring in your office, but we also recommend more in-depth carpet cleaning on a fairly regular basis. We take great pride in our carpet cleaning — or “extraction” — services. We begin by pretreating carpets to loosen surface-level stains with a solution called Triple S’s Pretreat Plus, which we’ve found works on just about every kind of carpet and stain. Regular carpet care will keep your office looking fresh and extend the life of your carpets as well.


Tile scrubbing

On the topic of flooring, dull and grimy grout is a telltale sign of improper care and cleaning, particularly in restrooms. We have tried and true methods for pulverizing even the toughest stains that will leave your tile flooring looking brand new.


High dusting

Unless you have an eight-foot tall employee in your office, chances are you seldom see the top of the filing cabinets or bookshelves. But just because you can’t see the dust and allergens piling up doesn’t mean they’re not there or not causing sneezing attacks all over the office! Our crews have the tools to clean high-up and hard-to-reach areas and can do so regularly to make sure your employees aren’t bothered by seemingly invisible pollutants.


Exterior windows

The exterior of buildings can take quite a beating during the brutal Midwest winters, and while it can be a difficult cleaning task, it’s one our cleaning crews will gladly tackle to keep all of your office looking pristine. We are also mindful of safety protocols and existing weather conditions before we conduct any outdoor cleaning.


Upholstery cleaning

Just like stained, dirty carpets are unappealing, so is stained office furniture — perhaps even more so because you’re not often asked to sit on carpeting. Using similar methods to carpet extraction, with environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions, we can extract deep-set stains and bring your upholstered furniture back to life.


Chances are there are many overlooked areas of your facility that could use a deep clean or a refresh, and we’d be happy to discuss how KleenMark can help. Please contact us today for a quote, or visit our Commercial Cleaning Services page to learn more!

KleenMark Cobotics Lunch & Learn Recap – November 2, 2023

Lunch & Learn Recap: Cobotics

Get the inside scoop from our November 2023 lunch and learn event.

KleenMark welcomed guests from around the state to our Madison, WI headquarters on Thursday, Nov. 2, 2023 for our first-ever lunch and learn event.

This event covered cobotics, an emerging technology topic that combines the expertise of an internal cleaning staff with the efficiency of robotic cleaning devices.

Attendees began the day with a “sneak peek” demo featuring cobotic floor cleaning devices from Tennant, SoftBank, and Karcher. KleenMark’s own Doug Lerch kicked off the proceedings with a welcome address on the future of cobotics and how it can revolutionize commercial cleaning without sacrificing the knowledge and personal touch of human cleaning staff.

“Everyone wants to do away with some of the hard tasks that we have to do or the tasks that are boring to do for some operators,” Lerch said. “Sometimes people call [cobotics] ‘the perfect employee.’ I think it’s whatever the best version of an employee is that you’re looking for.”

Diana Kittelson, Custodial Operations Supervisor at the Stoughton Area School District, presented keynote remarks about how her district got started with cobotics and the results they’ve seen from having robots work alongside employees.

“I was facing some efficiency issues. I wondered if equipment could be the answer here,” Kittelson explained. 

In the years since first embarking on her research into cobotics, Kittelson notes the pros of investing in cobotics far outweigh the cons, and staff members have started to rely on the technology as an essential tool to carry out their jobs.

“I did check in with the operators that operate these machines before I came here, I said, ‘Hey, what would you say if you wanted to talk about [cobotics]?’ My middle school head custodian said, ‘Diana, I don’t know how we would survive without the T380.’”

The day wrapped up with a panel discussion featuring Kittelson, Lerch, Francis Balthazor from Urban Land Interests, Adam Russ from Tennant, and Mark Halverson from SoftBank. The panel fielded questions about cobotics technology and the impact it’s had on Kittelson and Balthazor’s organizations’ cleaning results and staff members.

“When you’ve got humans taking care of the vacuuming, we’re spot vacuuming because that’s the time that we have,” Balthazor said. “When we’ve got these units, they’re vacuuming 100% of the surface. It’s picking everything up.”

“The younger generation that are coming into my generation, they think it’s great. I actually feel that a few of my younger employees would have maybe moved on had they not noticed that we’re progressive and forward-thinking,” Kittelson said.

Ready to experience similar results at your organization? To learn more about cobotics and how it can revolutionize your cleaning team, drop our team a line using the form below!

We stand apart from other janitorial service companies in Wausau, WI for our service and results.

4 Ways We Stand Out from Other Janitorial Service Companies in Wausau, WI

KleenMark has North Central Wisconsin covered.

We stand apart from other janitorial service companies in Wausau, WI for our service and results.When looking for a company to provide janitorial services, it’s easy to be lured in by flashy deals and aggressive sales reps, but we take a different approach at KleenMark. We let our work speak for itself.

If you’re searching through janitorial service companies in Wausau, WI, looking for the right fit for your organization, look no further than KleenMark. We’ve made a name for ourselves over the last 60 years, offering spectacular, home-grown service to businesses across the Midwest.

Here are four ways we stand out from other janitorial service companies in the Wausau, WI, area:

  1. Responsive communication
  2. Industry-specific cleaning protocols and certifications
  3. Focus on results
  4. Supplemental cleaning options

Read on to learn more about the benefits we can deliver to your Wausau area organization!


Responsive communication

From your first interaction with KleenMark, we know you’ll be impressed with our timely responses as well as the level of professionalism and courtesy we bring to each and every one of our clients. We can guarantee you won’t sit on hold endlessly waiting to talk to a real person; you will have a dedicated account manager to reach out to should any issues arise.


Industry-specific cleaning protocols and certifications

In our six decades in business, we’ve served a wide variety of different kinds of businesses — from manufacturing to healthcare to education and more. We can work with your existing cleaning protocols, if you have them in place, and can also make recommendations to increase safety and effectiveness depending on your industry’s unique requirements and challenges.

We’re proud to hold specialized certifications related to environmentally friendly cleaning practices. Additionally, many of our cleaning professionals are Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) trained, meaning they have the knowledge needed to respond to a biohazard crisis in the workplace.

Read more about our safety and cleaning certifications here.


Focus on results

We’re not happy unless you’re happy. If a client is dissatisfied with any part of the KleenMark experience, we’ll work to address the issue and find a prompt resolution. We want your facility to be clean and our client to be not only satisfied but thrilled with the level of service and professionalism that we provide. When it comes to janitorial cleaning needs, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach, and we’ll work to ensure that you’re pleased with our service.


Specialty & supplemental cleaning options

Unlike some cleaning companies, we offer more than just traditional building cleaning services. In addition to our standard cleaning services, we also offer specialty services such as window cleaning, lighting replacement, exterior ground policing and more.

If you have an internal janitorial team that you’re struggling to build up, we also offer supplemental staffing where our cleaning technicians can help round out your team and provide more staffing coverage when you need it most.


Now that you’ve learned more about the janitorial services we offer at KleenMark and how we stand out from other janitorial service companies in Wausau, WI, we’d love the opportunity to learn more about your business’ needs!

Contact us today for a quote and to discuss how we can take cleaning at your organization to the next level.

Looking for business cleaning services in Janesville, WI? Look no further than KleenMark!

4 Essential Building Cleaning Services for Janesville, WI Businesses

Get these must-have services and more when you work with KleenMark.

Looking for business cleaning services in Janesville, WI? Look no further than KleenMark!You know what it takes to keep a business running smoothly — making sure clients are happy, employees are meeting their metrics and payroll is processed, among many other day-to-day tasks. One area you may be overlooking, though, is the maintenance and upkeep of your actual office space.

A clean and organized office goes a long way to keeping employees productive and happy, visitors and customers impressed, and operations running as they should. If your current cleaning program isn’t cutting it, it may be time to upgrade to a cleaning partner that can help get your office or facility space back into shape.

Not sure where to start? Here are four essential building cleaning services for Janesville, WI, businesses:

  1. Floor care
  2. Restroom cleaning
  3. Overall sanitization & disinfection
  4. Specialty services

If you’re in need of building cleaning services in Janesville, WI, read on to learn more about these must-have services and how KleenMark can help fit them into your cleaning routine.


Floor care

The weather is about to turn chillier and, sooner than we might like, snowier — especially here in Wisconsin. At KleenMark, we are used to the harsh Midwest winters and what they can do to the interiors of office buildings. The accumulating snow, salt, slush and muck can really do a number on even the toughest flooring. Whether you have flooring that’s vinyl, tile, carpeting or a mix of everything, we have tried and true methods for removing even the most stubborn stains and marks.


Restroom cleaning

Even if the rest of your office is sparkling clean, if the restroom is unkempt, it won’t go unnoticed by both employees and visitors. Bathrooms can be an afterthought when it comes to cleaning since they’re typically not the first thing people see when they arrive, but we know that a well-maintained bathroom with clean floors, dry countertops and ample bathroom supplies (toilet paper, hand towels, air freshener, etc.) leaves an excellent impression.


Overall sanitization & disinfection

The last few years have made us all more cognizant of the importance of proper cleaning and sanitization. At KleenMark, we’ve been keeping dirt, germs and viruses at bay for nearly six decades and, along the way, have picked up some best practices for sanitizing office spaces that keep everyone as healthy as possible. While life has, fortunately, largely returned to normal, we remain ever-vigilant against any number of viruses that can spread at the workplace.


Specialty services

No two businesses are exactly alike, and we’re proud of our ability to customize our cleaning protocols to fit any workplace. In addition to our standard cleaning services, we also offer specialty services such as window cleaning, lighting replacement, exterior ground policing, and more.


If you’re in search of building cleaning services in Janesville, WI, check out our “Are We a Good Fit?” page to see if KleenMark is the right cleaning partner for your facility’s needs.

If you’re ready to take the next step and discover the difference the Kleen Team can make for your business, contact us for a quote today!

KleenMark Employee Testimonials: Luisa Realpe

In this KleenMark employee testimonial, Recruiting Assistant Luisa Realpe talks about her journey from cleaning technician to the HR office and why she loves being part of the Kleen Team.

How long have you been working at KleenMark?
I have been working at kleenMark for two years.

Where did you work prior to joining KleenMark?
I worked as a manager at McDonald’s; I oversaw the morning group in one of the stores with the most sales in the city.

Why did you choose to work at KleenMark?
I chose to work at KleenMark because it represented a perfect fit for my skills, values, and career aspirations, offering an environment where I can continue to learn, grow, and excel in my field.

Before becoming a recruiter, I worked as a cleaning technician and heard about KleenMark’s excellence. Working here just confirmed it and made me want to aspire for more.

What is your favorite thing about working at KleenMark?
My favorite thing about KleenMark is that I see a clear path for advancement and learning.

How does KleenMark help support your career development?

KleenMark promotes from within whenever possible, and I’m so grateful for the trust and confidence that the leadership team has shown in me. Being promoted to recruiter has been a career milestone that I’m incredibly proud of. It has allowed me to take on more significant responsibilities and contribute to our department’s success.

Something that has also contributed to the development of my career has been the regular performance reviews, where they provide me feedback on strengths and areas for improvement. That helps me develop my goals and provides me with opportunities for skill improvement.

Over the years, I’ve experienced personal and professional growth. My experiences here have not only shaped my professional life but have also allowed me to form lasting friendships and connections.

What makes working at KleenMark special?
My favorite thing is the positive work environment that makes me feel comfortable and happy.

Describe working at KleenMark in one word.

What is your Kleen Dream?
I am deeply passionate about pursuing a fulfilling and impactful career within the field of recruitment and human resources. My dream is to grow and make a meaningful contribution.

In the short term, I would like to develop strong expertise in various recruitment strategies, including sourcing, interviewing, and candidate assessment. Also, I would like to deepen my understanding of HR fundamentals, including talent acquisition, employee relations, and HR compliance.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Outside of my professional life, I have a diverse range of interests and activities that allow me to unwind, explore my passions, and recharge.
I relish spending weekends hiking and exploring the great outdoors.
Music has a special place in my heart. I attend concerts and live performances whenever I can, I love to dance, and I also enjoy playing the acoustic guitar.

Likewise, spending quality time with friends, whether it’s a cozy movie night at home, a weekend getaway with loved ones, or simply sharing laughter over a meal. They keep me energized and motivated for new challenges in both my personal and work life.

See more employee testimonials and open positions on the Kleen Team on our Careers page!

Trusting KleenMark to provide deep cleaning for your bathrooms at your facility is a surefire way to keep your staff healthy and happy.

5 Reasons to Schedule a Deep Cleaning for Your Bathrooms

Give your restrooms some TLC to avoid stubborn odors and stains.

Trusting KleenMark to provide deep cleaning for your bathrooms at your facility is a surefire way to keep your staff healthy and happy.Deep cleaning the office bathroom. These words might strike fear in the hearts of many, but at KleenMark, we enjoy the satisfaction of a properly cleaned bathroom. A clean, sanitized bathroom isn’t just a way to make a good impression on anyone who passes through — it’s an essential part of running a successful business and maintaining your facilities.

Here are five reasons to schedule a deep cleaning for your business’ bathrooms:

  1. Stain removal
  2. Odor elimination
  3. Cold and flu fighting
  4. Making staff and visitors comfortable
  5. Long term savings

Read on to learn more about why you’ll want to trust KleenMark to schedule deep cleaning for bathrooms at your facility!


Stain removal

We don’t need to get into the nitty-gritty specifics, but we’re willing to bet that your office’s bathrooms have their fair share of stains, gunk, and other unsightly blemishes. The Kleen Team is equipped with tried and true methods of removing these stains as well as sanitizing hard surfaces in bathrooms to protect against future bacteria.


Odor elimination

Unpleasant bathroom odors can, surprisingly, often originate from grimy grout and dirty drains. Our teams will rigorously clean grout between tiles, but, in many cases, we can also clean and sanitize drains that lead to the bathroom and can produce some of the more foul odors. We also recommend using odor counteractant to neutralize toilet bowl smells.


Cold and flu fighting

With the cold and flu season nearly upon us, it’s a vital time of year to go above and beyond when it comes to keeping your employees, clients, and anyone visiting your business healthy and safe. At KleenMark, we’ll go the extra mile with our deep cleaning and sanitization services. We can also offer suggestions to help keep everyone healthy when our expert team isn’t around, such as hand sanitizing stations outside bathrooms, handwashing signage, and “no touch” bathroom door handles.


Making staff and visitors comfortable

Taking pride in the cleanliness of your restrooms is essential not only for keeping viruses and bacteria at bay but also for the peace of mind of your staff and visitors. A pleasing odor in a shared bathroom can go a long way toward making employees and visitors feel welcome.


Long term savings

You may think you can skimp on the bathroom cleaning and just give the toilets a quick scrub and wipe down the counters yourself–believe us; this is just a temporary fix. Your bathroom may appear clean for a few days, but without a thorough cleaning, your toilets, faucets, drains and other fixtures will show significant signs of wear and wear much more quickly than if they were properly cleaned and cared for. As such, they will need to be replaced more frequently.


Keeping common bathrooms clean and safe is not an easy task, but the team at KleenMark is always up to the challenge. If you’re ready to experience a new level of deep cleaning for bathrooms or other areas of your facility, contact us today!

KleenMark’s industrial cleaning service in Kenosha, WI, will take your unique requirements into account in creating your ideal cleaning program.

Industrial Cleaning Service in Kenosha, WI | How to Find the Right Fit

Follow these tips to pick the perfect cleaning partner for your facility.

KleenMark’s industrial cleaning service in Kenosha, WI, will take your unique requirements into account in creating your ideal cleaning program.Finding the right industrial cleaning service for your business is not unlike finding the right person to hire for a job vacancy — it takes patience, diligence, and thoughtful consideration. After all, not all cleaning services (or job applicants) have the same strengths and will be the right fit for your unique organization.

If you’re looking for an industrial cleaning service in Kenosha, WI, here are a few tips on what to look for to help you pick the perfect cleaning partner:


Industry Experience

Look for cleaning services with experience working with similar companies in your industry. When it comes to the health and safety of your employees, clients, and visitors, you can’t leave anything to chance. At KleenMark, we have nearly 60 years of experience keeping manufacturing facilities across Wisconsin sparkling clean. We understand the unique ins and outs of the industry and the processes needed to keep your building clean and operations running smoothly.


Scheduling Flexibility 

If you have multiple shifts working in a manufacturing facility in addition to a traditional office space, finding cleaners to clean both spaces can present a unique challenge. The KleenMark team will work with you to identify the best times of day to clean all of your spaces in a way that doesn’t interfere with or disrupt your employees or operations.


Great Communication

From your first phone call with a prospective cleaning service, you should come away from the experience feeling confident that you were heard and understood. At KleenMark, we work hard to ensure each of our clients knows they are valued; this will not only be reflected in the work we do but also in our consistent, clear communication should any issues arise. You won’t call an 800 number and listen to hold music or send emails to a never-checked inbox; you’ll have a dedicated account manager to call whenever you have a question or concern.


Safety Certifications

We have a number of third-party certifications related to environmental cleaning standards and overall excellence in cleaning, and many of our cleaners are Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) trained. This means they have the knowledge, planning, and processes needed to respond to a biohazard crisis in the workplace. Read more about our safety certifications here.


If you’re still searching for an industrial cleaning service in Kenosha, WI that can meet your organization’s standards, contact our Kleen Team today. We’ll learn more about your business and recommend a cleaning program that will fit your unique needs and exceed your expectations for years to come.


To learn more about KleenMark’s industrial and manufacturing cleaning services, check out our Manufacturing page!

Our corporate cleaning services for bathrooms can help keep staff healthy and impress visitors.

4 Essential Corporate Cleaning Services for Workplace Bathrooms

Keep your restrooms in tip-top shape for employees and visitors alike.


Our corporate cleaning services for bathrooms can help keep staff healthy and impress visitors.Cleaning bathrooms is no one’s favorite chore at home, and that’s certainly true at the office as well. Fortunately, at KleenMark, we don’t mind doing the dirty work — and doing it well. The cleanliness of your workplace bathrooms is not only essential to the health of your employees and visitors but goes a long way in helping project a professional image and leaving a great impression on everyone who uses them.

At KleenMark, we have 60 years of experience providing corporate cleaning services, so our team understands the services that help take a restroom facility to the next level and keep it looking sparkling clean.

With these four essential corporate cleaning services, you can be confident that your bathroom will shine:

  1. Deep cleaning floors
  2. Disinfecting high-touch surfaces
  3. Neutralizing lingering odors
  4. Replacing wax rings

Read on to learn more about each of these services!


Deep cleaning floors

With anywhere from dozens to hundreds of visitors each day, bathroom floors are certainly high-traffic areas, to say the least. If you have tile flooring, we recommend degreasing and scrubbing with a swing machine (also known as a side-by-side floor buffer) and then sealing it up to extend its life and make daily cleaning more effective.


Disinfecting high-touch surfaces

Sometimes, it’s what you can’t see that can be most problematic — with an average of 229,000 germs per square inch on bathroom surfaces like faucet handles and toilet flushers, we leave no square inch unsanitized. Our crews thoroughly disinfect and sanitize every surface in the bathroom and pay particular attention to surfaces such as faucets, door handles, stall doors and toilet flushers.


Neutralizing lingering odors 

It’s pretty off-putting to walk into a bathroom and know that you’ve just walked into, well, a bathroom. In a perfect world, your employees and visitors should think they’ve walked into a spa or a spring meadow upon entering the restroom. If your bathroom has a drain, this, surprisingly, can be the primary culprit for any lingering, unpleasant odors, regardless of how clean your bathroom may appear.

As part of our corporate cleaning services for bathrooms, our teams will rigorously clean grout between tiles. In many cases, we can also clean and sanitize drains that lead to the bathroom and can produce some of the more foul odors. We also recommend using odor counteractant to neutralize toilet bowl smells.


Replacing wax rings

Just a small ring of wax plastic could be the solution to your smelly bathroom problems. The wax ring at the base of toilets seals off the waste pipes below, and if that ring is defective, it can release foul odors and hydrogen sulfide, a toxic gas. We can easily check and see if these need to be replaced in your office’s bathrooms.


Keeping workplace bathrooms looking clean and smelling fresh is not an easy task — fortunately, with KleenMark, this is one issue we’re glad to take off of your plate.


If you have any questions about our corporate cleaning services and how we can meet your business’ unique needs, check out our Services pagecontact our team, or request a quote today!

Our construction cleanup services are just one of the ways we can support your business as it grows.

Construction Cleanup Services: What Happens During a KleenMark Cleanup?

Get the inside scoop on our construction cleanup services here.

Our construction cleanup services are just one of the ways we can support your business as it grows.Expanding, renovating, or otherwise updating your office or facility can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. And just because construction is complete doesn’t mean the job is done! Construction cleanup is a vital final step in the process to ensure your project is “show-ready” for your staff or customers.

If this is your first time scheduling construction cleanup services, the Kleen Team is here to answer any of your questions and get your building in tip-top shape for employees and visitors. Let’s dive right in!


Debriefing the space

Once the contractor and construction crew have finished their work, one of KleenMark’s expertly trained project managers will “debrief” and assess the space to identify exactly what our cleaning crews need to accomplish to get your facility ready for business. This will ensure we’re only performing tasks necessary to your business’ smooth operation.

We will review our plans and processes with the pertinent members of your staff so you’re looped in from start to finish. Project managers are essential for keeping construction cleanups on task and prepared for any last inspections.


Debris removal

Our team will see that any leftover construction debris is cleared out and properly disposed of. Leftover construction material oftentimes cannot be dumped at a landfill, and our crews are well-versed in the proper protocols and regulations regarding these materials. If materials aren’t properly disposed of, that can mean fines and other headaches for your business.


High surface & deep cleaning

The dust and refuse left behind during construction can be major irritants to the throat and eyes. Our team will make sure every surface, especially those higher or more challenging to reach, like ceilings, is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We even use scissor lifts to get to those higher surfaces and make sure no spot goes uncleaned!


Vacuuming, dusting & floor cleaning

The final step is a rigorous vacuuming and/or floor cleaning, depending on your type of flooring, as well as one last dusting of all surfaces. Once we’ve completed our work, we guarantee your office’s new addition or revamped space will truly shine!

Our crews clean millions of square feet each day, so we have the skills needed to clean up after construction and every day after that.


Our construction cleanup services are just the tip of the iceberg of what we can provide your organization – visit our Construction Cleaning Services page to learn more, or request a quote so we can get started on your next project!

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