Cleaning Robotics

Have you considered robotics to do the repetitive cleaning tasks while your staff focuses on the details?

Robotic cleaning machines can in some instances perform repetitive cleaning tasks in less time than human cleaners, freeing up resources for more intricate cleaning projects. They can also help cleaning staff cover a larger area in a shorter time.

At KleenMark, we have the expertise to learn your facility and unique situation and suggest which robotic equipment would be the best fit. Robotics are an investment that will save you time, resources, and money in the long-run.

How Can KleenMark Help?

Find the Best Fit

KleenMark experts will learn about your facility, your operations, and your budget. Then we’ll make a personalized recommendation of the equipment that we believe will work best for you. 


Our job isn’t over after you order your exciting new equipment. We can help set you up for success by implementing and deploying your equipment to work correctly and efficiently in your facility.


You’ll want to make sure you get feedback from the equipment and know if something is off. We can help with the reporting and notifications so you can let the machine run worry-free while you focus on other details. 

Preventative Maintenance & Repairs

Now that you’ve invested in a great time-saving piece of equipment, you’ll want to keep it well-maintained and have a plan for repairs in case something happens. Our Maintenance and Repair experts are here to help!

Looking for tailored equipment recommendations?

Our commercial cleaning services can save you valuable time.

When it comes to floor care, a robot is your perfect employee.

  • Never calls in sick or takes a vacation
  • Learns how to do a task the first time
  • Communicates accomplishments and concerns
  • Efficiencies in cleanliness
  • No hassle co-worker
  • Equates to less than $10 per hour
  • Works anytime, day or night
  • Peace of mind with no supervision
  • Improves longevity of building assets
  • Doesn’t cut corners

The right fit for your facility.

At KleenMark, we’ll never try to recommend a product or piece of equipment that doesn’t meet your unique needs. We get to know your pain points, so we can consult on the products that will help solve them and keep your facilities sparkling clean.

Advice from cleaning experts.

We understand which products will work best for your organization because they’re the same products and equipment our cleaning technicians use in the field every day. We can promise results because we’ve put these products to the test.

Outstanding one-on-one service.

When you work with KleenMark to get the products your team needs, you’ll get service that goes beyond your typical cleaning supplies vendor. We’ll help you with budget concerns, consistent communication, equipment training, and more.

Equipment Return on Investment Example

Initial equipment investment: $73,440

Years to ROI: 3.67 (44 months)

10 Year Labor Dollars Created: $130,400

Years 1-3 Annual Return
ROI hit after 3.67 years of $20,000 annual labor cost freed up

Daily scrubbing hours

Cleaning days per year

Annual labor hours spent cleaning

Hourly wage

Annual labor cost freed up with equipment use

Years 4-10 Annual Return Beyond Point of ROI


Annual labor cost freed up

Software cost

Net savings per year

Cumulative labor savings

Equipment Partners

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