Why are you looking for commercial and janitorial cleaning services?

We provide commercial cleaning and janitorial services in Madison and throughout Wisconsin.We want our space to represent our polished company image.
We can help reflect your company's own polished and professional image.


We need a cleaning service with cost-saving know-how.
Take cost-effective, preventative measures to preserve your facility and avoid any long-term problems.


Our current cleaning service isn't getting the job done.
“Good enough” is not “good enough” for us. We pride ourselves on our high standards, quality assurance, communication, and more.


We want to compare pricing.
Get the best service for the best price, and receive the results that matter to you most.


We need a service that communicates well.
KleenMark communicates with you to identify, understand, and cater to your needs.


We need a service with consistent quality.
Every time, every place, and every inch of a facility: we are reliable and ready to provide you with the best service.


Need a Quote?

Do you have one or more buildings that are in the Upper Midwest, over 30K sq. ft., and require cleaning at least 5 times per week?

Is your building commercial office space, a multi-site campus, healthcare environment, or school?

Is it a challenge to clean them yourselves or to find a partner who will actually do what they promise you?

Yes, help me!