Construction Cleaning Services – Version 2

Construction Sites Need Cleaning?

Our efficient cleanup crews ensure that your building projects stay on track, on budget, and mess-free. With a 99% retention rate and a three-year record of zero incidents, we prioritize safety and deliver quality results.

Here's What We'll Do. We Understand Your Unique Challenges

Deep cleaning, including:

  • High-surface cleaning
  • Floor cleaning, sealing & waxing
  • Vacuuming & dusting
  • Pressure washing
  • Debris removal

Janitorial services to keep your space looking great post-cleanup

  • Commercial cleaning & day porter services
  • disinfection & infection control
  • specialty services — if it needs to be cleaned, we can handle it

Supply ANY products and/or equipment that you may need

Our construction cleanup services are just one of the ways we can support your business as it grows.
Every day is Customer Service Day at KleenMark!

Here Why You Need Us

No Downtime

We will complete the work with utmost efficiency.  Your opening will not be delayed.

Quick response time!

You have a deadline; we’ll meet it!

Our Experience

With almost 7 decades of experience, you can trust your working with the perfect team.

No more staffing issues

Let us handle staffing.  With over 1,300 associates, we’ll take that stress away.

What Are Some of the Your Hurdles?

  • You can’t find staff.

  • The staff you have is not trained.

  • The company you use does not communicate well.

  • You need a higher level of cleaning then your current situation allows for.

Quick Facts About Us?

1956:  Founded in Madison, WI

1998:  Expanded to different WI cities

2023:  Over 1300 associates

2024:  Serving clients nationally

Our Certifications


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KleenMark is built on three core values: Trust, Teamwork, and Results. We put those to work for every customer we work with and use them in building a relationship rooted in trust and open communication.

Our cleaners have years of construction cleanup experience and are certified to use all the equipment needed to put the final polish on your project. We’ll also assign you a dedicated project manager who’s familiar with the construction process, safety protocols, and contractor needs.

Let us show you the KleenMark difference. Our construction cleaning services are backed by 60 years of industry knowledge and innovation, giving us the resources to raise the bar when it comes to high-surface cleaning, residual debris removal, deep cleaning, dusting, floor cleaning, and more.

At KleenMark, communication is key. We pride ourselves on our availability and fast response times whenever you have a question or concern. You’ll also be assigned a local account manager who knows you personally and is ready to respond to any issues or emergencies that pop up.

KleenMark employs hundreds of cleaners with construction cleanup experience on projects of all sizes, so they’re ready to get your project “show ready” efficiently and effectively.

We’ve been providing construction cleaning services for decades, so we know what it takes to get your project cleaned up better, safer, and faster than other vendors can. Our team will do everything they can to ensure your project stays on track and your opening won’t be delayed because of a slow cleanup.

At KleenMark, we put people first — and that starts with in-depth training. Our cleaners receive construction-specific safety training before ever setting foot on your project site, so both our team and yours stay safe and protected.

KleenMark invests in its people, so our team becomes your team — not a revolving door of cleaners who don’t understand the intricacies of your unique project.