Why are you looking for industrial and manufacturing cleaning services?

KleenMark offers industrial and manufacturing cleaning services in Madison, Wisconsin.We need top-notch cleaning service on a flexible schedule.
KleenMark is flexible and willing to work around your schedule to keep your facility spotless at any time of the day.


We need a cleaning service that puts safety first.
Our cleaning methods consider industrial hazards, and we use that knowledge to keep your facility safe.


Our current cleaning service isn't getting the job done.
KleenMark is reliable and continuously delivers high-quality results.


We want to compare pricing.
Providing the best value for our customers is our ultimate goal.


We need a service that communicates well.
Communication is key. We are available and transparent because we know that's what you expect.


We need a service with consistent quality.
KleenMark’s low turnover rates and continual training deliver consistent quality.


Need a Quote?

Do you have one or more buildings that are in the Upper Midwest, over 30K sq. ft., and require cleaning at least 5 times per week?

Is your building commercial office space, a multi-site campus, healthcare environment, or school?

Is it a challenge to clean them yourselves or to find a partner who will actually do what they promise you?

Yes, help me!

Try the Tennant T300

The innovative T300 / T300e high performance walk-behind scrubbers deliver high performance and consistent results for virtually any hard surface condition.

For a limited time we're offering free demos in your facility! Why not give it a try?