Facilities Management & Maintenance Services

KleenMark’s self-performed facilities management and maintenance services are designed to support the equipment, systems and people you count on to keep your business running by maximizing production and creating efficiencies within your facilities.

We can implement our full service facilities management and maintenance program or we can tailor a program to meet each customer’s specific needs.

  • Provide leadership and training for onsite facilities personnel
  • Implement and manage a preventative maintenance program
  • Reduce unnecessary system and equipment downtime
  • Support the safe and reliable operation of your facility’s hardware and systems
  • Improve overall productivity and utilization of resources
  • Meet or exceed your goals for efficiency and sustainability

Accountability and Maintenance Standards

At KleenMark we design each of our processes to ensure that we can be accountable for every promise that we make to our customers. By developing standards based on a blend of reliability standards from the industry as well as the common goals of our customers, we can help you develop cost effective programs that will meet your goals and provide measurable ROI.

Performance Measurement and Reporting

Central to our process is the use of our industry leading CMMS, KleenMark Connect. With extensive reporting capabilities, you can see real-time key performance indicators developed specifically for your business including:

  • Work orders and maintenance requests
  • Schedule compliance and workload efficiency
  • Systems and equipment reliability and uptime metrics
  • Effective distribution of maintenance activities

Sustainability Made Easy

KleenMark is committed to helping you meet or exceed your organization’s efficiency and sustainability goals. For example:

  • Our Greenway program and Cleaning Industry Management Standard - Green Building (CIMS - GB) certification can help you track your progress and earn credits toward LEED Existing Building Operating Maintenance (LEED-EBOM) certification.
  • Our supply branch, KleenMark Facility Supplies, gives you quick access to the latest and best green cleaning products, high efficiency equipment and uses.
  • Most products we use maintain a reduced environmental impact, including those with Green Seal® or EcoLogo® certification.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability here.

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Is your building commercial office space, a multi-site campus, healthcare environment, or school?

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