Facts About KleenMark

Fact #1: Our mission is to provide clean, healthy and sustainable spaces where our communities can gather to create, innovate and serve one another.
We're lucky to be able to help make the communities we serve to be great places to work, play, heal, gather and be inspired. That's why every value, decision and process we have are in support of our mission to provide clean, healthy and sustainable spaces.
Fact #2: Clear communication is our top priority.
We offer an easy-to-use web-based tool called KleenMark Connect to stay transparent, responsive, and in swift reach of our clients. What’s more, our daily checks, weekly supervisor inspections, and monthly client walk-throughs keep us in constant contact. Communication is one of our many strong suits, and clients tell us they’ve never had it better.
Fact #3: We offer broad and deep experience. 
We clean countless property types and offer a menu of services that go above and beyond standard cleaning. Plus, with all of our rich industry know-how, we’re adept in identifying money-saving opportunities that can make a big difference in your bottom line. No matter your property type or the scope of cleaning needs, we’re ready and able to take on your unique facility requirements.
Fact #4: We provide green cleaning.
Recognized for providing green cleaning through our Cleaning Industry Management Standard - Green Building (CIMS - GB) certification, we use the latest and best cleaning products and techniques. Our facility supplies arm gives you early access to environmentally friendly products, techniques and green spending reports. Ultimately, we help businesses meet their environmental goals.
Fact #5: Our schedules are flexible for you.
Cleaning happens at all hours of the day, and so do facility emergencies that require our help. KleenMark flexes to the unique schedules of its clients, ensuring that our work doesn’t interfere with yours, whatever hours you may need us.
Fact #6: Our cleaning staff receives quality training & education.
We invest heavily in specialized education for our cleaning staff through our own KleenMark University. Our employees come to you capable and cordial and receive continuing education to keep their skills sharp throughout the duration of their employment.
Fact #7:  Safety, safety, safety. 
We are OSHA compliant, fully insured, and armed with specialty training for an array of property types. Our employees wear uniforms and picture ID badges, have background checks, and undergo random drug testing. They are trained to treat your facility with care, from keeping doors locked to ensuring that confidentiality is respected.
Fact #8: We are specially trained to handle your unique facility needs.
Before KleenMark employees step foot in your facility, they will have received specialized training to meet your needs. KleenMark has the distinction of having received training by an Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) consultant based on the guidelines established by AORN's Environmental Sanitation and Terminal Cleaning Recommended Practices.


Need a Quote?

Do you have one or more buildings that are in the Upper Midwest, over 30K sq. ft., and require cleaning at least 5 times per week?

Is your building commercial office space, a multi-site campus, healthcare environment, or school?

Is it a challenge to clean them yourselves or to find a partner who will actually do what they promise you?

Yes, help me!