Disinfection. Dialed to Perfection. 

A strong disinfection program may be the difference between keeping your doors open and having to shut down without warning. We provide proven services anchored in facts, NOT marketing gimmicks. 

When you clean and disinfect 25 million square feet each day, you know what works. And what doesn’t.

Deep disinfection.

Whether you’ve had a confirmed COVID-19 case or need your entire facility disinfected, we have the technology, chemicals and staff to get the job done quickly and effectively.

High-touchpoint disinfection.

People touch things. A lot. Adding touchpoint disinfection to your daily cleaning program reduces the spread of germs from surfaces such as door handles, light switches and common areas.

Soft-surface and floor sanitization.

Upholstery and floors (carpeted and hard) require special equipment and chemicals to ensure they’re sanitized effectively. We use the latest technology and anti-microbial solutions to kill germ traffic where you get foot traffic.

Primary Services

  • High-touchpoint disinfection
  • High-traffic area sanitizing and disinfection
  • Soft surface (chairs, upholstery) cleaning and disinfection
  • Carpet extraction
  • Hard-floor disinfection
  • Surface cleaning & deep disinfection, using electrostatic sprayers
  • Electronic device (computers, etc.) disinfecting

Disinfecting and Sanitizing: Get a Quick Quote

“At our company, the safety and health of our employees is by far our biggest focus. As we attempted to navigate through the current pandemic, we needed a team of professionals we could rely on to help us ensure we were making the right decisions when it came to protecting our employees’ health and well-being. KleenMark was that team!”

– Mike Bales, Cornerstone Construction 

Independently certified teams and the industry’s best disinfection tech.
Let’s do this.