Product & Equipment Consulting

We’ll help you find what you need to get the job done right.

At KleenMark, our commitment to excellence goes beyond simply selling cleaning products and services.  We aim to be your trusted partner in maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment, and that includes recommending the best products to help you do just that.

Every business has unique cleaning requirements. Whether you run a bustling restaurant, a busy office building, or a high-traffic healthcare facility, we dedicate time to understanding your specific needs. With this knowledge, we can recommend the most appropriate products and equipment to ensure your space is not just clean, but Kleen.

Looking for tailored product recommendations?

The right fit for your facility.

At KleenMark, we’ll never try to recommend a product or piece of equipment that doesn’t meet your unique needs. We get to know your pain points, so we can consult on the products that will help solve them and keep your facilities sparkling clean.

Advice from cleaning experts.

We understand which products will work best for your organization because they’re the same products and equipment our cleaning technicians use in the field every day. We can promise results because we’ve put these products to the test.

Outstanding one-on-one service.

When you work with KleenMark to get the products your team needs, you’ll get service that goes beyond your typical cleaning supplies vendor. We’ll help you with budget concerns, consistent communication, equipment training, and more.

We can recommend:

  • Disinfecting equipment
  • Soaps & sanitizers
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Paper products & dispensers
  • Floor equipment
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Specialty supplies & equipment
  • Breakroom supplies
  • Trash & recycling supplies & equipment
  • Matting

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“[KleenMark] has always been trusted and valued partners of ours, but after seeing their response and attention to detail during this challenging time, we have an even greater respect for them as a game-changing leader in their industry.”

– Tara Saleh, MIG Commercial Real Estate