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Get the clean and products you need — then get back to business.

You have a business to run — the last thing you should need to worry about is who is emptying your waste bins and mopping your bathroom floors, or whether the floor scrubber you just purchased can deliver the results you need. Let KleenMark take those concerns off your plate.

We’ve been providing commercial cleaning services, products, and equipment to businesses across the Midwest for 60 years, from day cleaning and everyday paper products to handling unexpected emergencies and recommending the latest in robotic floor cleaning technology. 

Our team will help you make a great impression on visitors, keep your staff happy and healthy, offer our first-hand product recommendations, and protect your property investments with top-notch cleaning and products.

What are you looking for from your commercial cleaning services, products, or equipment?

KleenMark is built on three core values: Trust, Teamwork, and Results We put those to work for every customer we work with and use them in building a relationship rooted in trust and open communication.

Let us show you the KleenMark difference. Our commercial cleaning services are backed by 60 years of industry knowledge and innovation, giving us the resources to raise the bar when it comes to facility cleaning.

At KleenMark, communication is key. We pride ourselves on our availability and fast response times whenever you have a question or concern. You’ll also be assigned a local account manager who knows you personally and is ready to respond to any issues or emergencies that pop up.

Hiring quality cleaners to keep up with your cleaning demands is a challenge, but temp agencies can be unreliable and don’t always provide the level of training you need your workers to have. With KleenMark’s supplemental staffing, you’ll get much-needed support from cleaners who understand the unique needs of your facility.

Nothing reassures visitors to your building quite like a clean, welcoming environment. Our cleaning services ensure your facilities are always safe, sparkling, and ready to wow anyone who passes through your doors.

At KleenMark, we’ll create a custom plan that works with your schedules and facilities for efficient, effective cleaning.

No two offices are completely alike. From traffic patterns and layouts to business hours and facilities with special cleaning requirements, we’ll take all of your needs into account in creating a plan that works for you.

The KleenMark team will do everything in its power to provide your facility with the cleaning services you need at a price that’s within your reach. While we may not be the cheapest option out there, we deliver a level of quality that our customers find is well worth the investment and can help their bottom line over time.

Our team is happy to help provide any information you need for an RFP! We’ve been helping businesses like yours secure world-class commercial cleaning services for years and are ready to work alongside your team in delivering the solutions that work best for your property.

If an issue comes up or something needs urgent cleaning at one of your properties, give us a call. Our team is ready to help!

At KleenMark, green isn’t just a buzzword. We’ve been walking the walk and using environmentally-friendly cleaning practices for years. The result? A healthier planet, happier staff and customers, better air quality, and increased energy savings.

At KleenMark, we have a department of product pros who can recommend the right cleaning products and equipment for your unique facility. All of our recommendations are rooted in the experience of our cleaning technicians, meaning we don’t recommend something if it doesn’t work.

Underperforming products. Late deliveries. Impersonal customer service. Whatever it is that has you looking for a new cleaning supplies and equipment vendor, rest assured you’ve found the right fit with KleenMark. We offer top-notch customer service, personalized product recommendations, and more.

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