Supplemental Staffing: How it Fits Into Your School’s Cleaning Needs

Cleaning demands are higher than ever for school janitorial teams. Recruiting quality, well-trained workers is an ongoing challenge. And each is a reason to consider supplemental staffing when you need professional janitorial help. 

You may have looked at temp agencies only to find workers were unreliable, didn’t pass background checks and weren’t trained. All of which could cost you time and money. Below are reasons to consider supporting your team with professional janitors. 

An approach you can trust 

When you hire new cleaners, you need to know they’re properly trained, dressed professionally and have undergone all the necessary background checks. If you must take the time to address any of those areas, something is wrong with the process. 

When we provide supplemental staffing, all of that is taken care of. We’ve been doing this for more than 60 years, so our process is efficient, our cleaners are among the best trained, and all undergo proper backgrounding.  

We go from recruitment to onboarding to being on-site, faster than anyone. It’s a model you should expect from any organization providing additional staffing in your schools.  

Specialization matters 

Schools have different needs than an office. You know that, though. Make sure your staffing partner has the experience needed to clean a school effectively and efficiently. 

At KleenMark, we train our cleaners on the nuanced needs of the industry they work in, including education. How to clean cafeterias? Check. Gym equipment and floors? Of course. Protocols for cleaning when students and staff are in the building? Certainly. 

This training allows our cleaners to quickly jump in and help your team, all without extensive onboarding that slows you down. 

Two models to consider 

  1. Trained staff that you manage. If you have the supervisor team, but need cleaners, this is a great approach. At KleenMark, we can handle the hiring, training, onboarding and background work. We manage the wages and scheduling as well. All you must do is handle on-site management at your school. You assign the work. Our cleaners get it done – all while working as part of your team. 
  1. Divide and conquer. Working a large school district but understaffed? Need cleaners who only focus on day cleaning? No worries.  

The model at KleenMark focuses on providing an entire team, from on-site supervisor to dedicated account manager – and of course, specialized cleaners trained to handle your school. 

Often, our crews work together with district managers who oversee the janitorial teams. In this model, we usually handle an entire school or specific, specialized and time-consuming tasks, along with jobs that require commercial cleaning equipment you may not have available. 

Want to learn more about our supplemental staffing models? Send us an email or call (1-(800) 422-5159) any time. 


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