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Third-party certified. Because accountability matters.

ISSA CIMS-GB Advanced by GBAC with Honors Certification

CIMS-GB stands for Cleaning Industry Management Standard-Green Building. It’s a certification issued by ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association that’s responsible for setting and upholding professional standards among its members.

To become CIMS-GB certified with honors, an organization has to demonstrate that it meets or exceeds the industry standard in six core areas of business, all while showcasing professionalism and a customer-focused approach that can provide sophisticated, proven green-cleaning programs for its clients.

Those six areas of focus are:

  • Quality systems
  • Service delivery
  • Human resources
  • Health, safety and environmental stewardship
  • Management commitment

KleenMark was one of the first cleaning companies to have this certification. Only a handful of organizations have earned CIMS-GB with honors. We strive to be leaders in the industry and want our clients to know we aren’t just any cleaners, we are prepared and knowledgeable.

GBAC-Trained Technician

GBAC-Trained cleaning staff are cleaning professionals with the knowledge, planning, and processes needed to respond to a biohazard crisis in the workplace.

This type of training is essential to help beat the spread of COVID and keep your staff free from other impending illnesses.

Academy of Cleaning Excellence

Academy of Cleaning Excellence – The objective of all ACE educational courses is to teach safe, healthy, and proactive knowledge to​​ the cleaning staff in order to protect their own health, as well as individuals within the environments they service.

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