Specialty Services

Special situations call for specialty services.

Floor care. Window cleaning. High dusting. The list goes on. We provide an array of specialty services to help round out your cleaning and disinfecting program. 

You never know what’s going to pop up next. That’s why we’re here. 

Facilities management.

Inside and out, we offer a deep portfolio of facilities services. Our goal is to deliver an efficient, reliable program that helps your facility run smoothly. Ground policing, lighting, window cleaning – and everything in between – we tailor your program to your building and budget.

Laboratories, clean rooms and clinics. Check.

Certain facilities have stringent, regulated cleaning and disinfecting needs. Our teams are certified and trained to handle the most complicated jobs, from healthcare to biotech.

Day/night cleaning and disinfection.

Increasingly, having a day porter – someone who disinfects in-between the night crews – has become popular. Day porters are the unsung heroes, handling high-touchpoint disinfection, restroom checks and any other unplanned janitorial needs that arise.

What we offer

  • COVID-19 disinfection 
  • Day cleaning 
  • High-touchpoint disinfection
  • Soft-surface disinfection 
  • Deep disinfection (using electrostatic sprayers) 
  • Grout/tile cleaning 
  • Carpet extraction and restoration 
  • Hard-floor scrubbing, stripping sealing and deep cleaning
  • Concrete cleaning/sealing 
  • Power washing 
  • Window cleaning 
  • Lighting replacement 
  • Post-construction cleanup 
  • Vent and duct cleaning 
  • Exterior grounds policing 

Specialty Cleaning Services: Get a Quick Quote

“At our company, the safety and health of our employees is by far our biggest focus. As we attempted to navigate through the current pandemic, we needed a team of professionals we could rely on to help us ensure we were making the right decisions when it came to protecting our employees’ health and well-being. KleenMark was that team!”

– Mike Bales, Cornerstone Construction 

Specialty solutions designed to solve your everyday problems.