5 Essential Tips for Finding the Best Healthcare Cleaning Services

Set your organization up for success with these simple tips.

The best healthcare cleaning services in Wausau, WI are flexible to create the cleaning schedule that works best for your facility. When it comes to healthcare facilities, cleanliness and sanitation are not just about making a good impression; they’re critical for patient safety and infection control. Finding the right healthcare cleaning services in Wausau, Wisconsin is paramount. Here are five essential tips to guide healthcare facilities in choosing a cleaning service that meets their unique needs, with insights drawn from KleenMark’s approach to healthcare cleaning.


Look for Accredited Providers

The first step in choosing a healthcare cleaning service is to ensure they have the proper accreditations. Accreditation by industry-recognized organizations signifies that the cleaning company adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, which are required in healthcare settings. KleenMark’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its adherence to industry standards and protocols, making certifications and accreditation like ISSA’s CIMS-GB Advanced by GBAC with Honors and GBAC STAR Accreditation a cornerstone of our service.


Experience in Healthcare Settings

Not all cleaning services are equipped to handle the complexities of healthcare environments. It’s essential to select a provider with specific experience in cleaning hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Experienced providers understand the unique challenges of healthcare cleaning, from preventing cross-contamination to cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces effectively.


Inquire About Specialized Cleaning Techniques

Healthcare facilities require specialized cleaning techniques that go beyond standard commercial cleaning practices. This includes using hospital-grade disinfectants, adhering to strict protocols for infection control, and employing methods such as color-coded microfiber systems to prevent cross-contamination. When researching healthcare cleaning services in Wausau, Wisconsin, ask about their specific cleaning techniques and protocols for healthcare settings. KleenMark’s use of advanced cleaning technologies and methods tailored to healthcare facilities exemplifies their commitment to specialized cleaning.


Assess Commitment to Eco-Friendly Practices

Eco-friendly cleaning practices are increasingly important in all business sectors, including healthcare. These practices help reduce environmental impact and promote a healthier indoor environment for patients and staff. When selecting a cleaning service, consider their commitment to using green cleaning products and methods. KleenMark prioritizes eco-friendly cleaning solutions as outlined by LEED that are effective and safe for use in healthcare settings, showcasing a commitment to sustainability without compromising on cleanliness and infection control.


Evaluate Flexibility and Responsiveness

Healthcare facilities operate around the clock, and cleaning services must be able to accommodate varying schedules and respond promptly to emergency cleaning needs. A cleaning service’s flexibility and responsiveness are crucial for maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Assess whether the cleaning provider can tailor their services to your facility’s specific needs and how quickly they can respond to urgent cleaning requirements. KleenMark’s responsiveness and adaptability to clients’ needs highlight the importance of choosing a service provider that values flexibility and prompt service.


Choosing the right healthcare cleaning services in Wausau, Wisconsin is a critical decision for any healthcare facility. It requires careful consideration of a variety of factors. By following these essential tips and looking to reputable providers like KleenMark as a benchmark, healthcare facilities can ensure they select a cleaning service that meets the stringent demands of healthcare cleaning, ensuring a safe and sanitary environment for patients and staff alike. For a consultation or to request more info, get in touch with our team.

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