KleenMark Employee Testimonials: Luisa Realpe

In this KleenMark employee testimonial, Recruiting Assistant Luisa Realpe talks about her journey from cleaning technician to the HR office and why she loves being part of the Kleen Team.

How long have you been working at KleenMark?
I have been working at kleenMark for two years.

Where did you work prior to joining KleenMark?
I worked as a manager at McDonald’s; I oversaw the morning group in one of the stores with the most sales in the city.

Why did you choose to work at KleenMark?
I chose to work at KleenMark because it represented a perfect fit for my skills, values, and career aspirations, offering an environment where I can continue to learn, grow, and excel in my field.

Before becoming a recruiter, I worked as a cleaning technician and heard about KleenMark’s excellence. Working here just confirmed it and made me want to aspire for more.

What is your favorite thing about working at KleenMark?
My favorite thing about KleenMark is that I see a clear path for advancement and learning.

How does KleenMark help support your career development?

KleenMark promotes from within whenever possible, and I’m so grateful for the trust and confidence that the leadership team has shown in me. Being promoted to recruiter has been a career milestone that I’m incredibly proud of. It has allowed me to take on more significant responsibilities and contribute to our department’s success.

Something that has also contributed to the development of my career has been the regular performance reviews, where they provide me feedback on strengths and areas for improvement. That helps me develop my goals and provides me with opportunities for skill improvement.

Over the years, I’ve experienced personal and professional growth. My experiences here have not only shaped my professional life but have also allowed me to form lasting friendships and connections.

What makes working at KleenMark special?
My favorite thing is the positive work environment that makes me feel comfortable and happy.

Describe working at KleenMark in one word.

What is your Kleen Dream?
I am deeply passionate about pursuing a fulfilling and impactful career within the field of recruitment and human resources. My dream is to grow and make a meaningful contribution.

In the short term, I would like to develop strong expertise in various recruitment strategies, including sourcing, interviewing, and candidate assessment. Also, I would like to deepen my understanding of HR fundamentals, including talent acquisition, employee relations, and HR compliance.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Outside of my professional life, I have a diverse range of interests and activities that allow me to unwind, explore my passions, and recharge.
I relish spending weekends hiking and exploring the great outdoors.
Music has a special place in my heart. I attend concerts and live performances whenever I can, I love to dance, and I also enjoy playing the acoustic guitar.

Likewise, spending quality time with friends, whether it’s a cozy movie night at home, a weekend getaway with loved ones, or simply sharing laughter over a meal. They keep me energized and motivated for new challenges in both my personal and work life.

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Our green office cleaning services for Madison, WI, businesses can help keep your staff healthy and save money.

FAQs About Our Green Office Cleaning Services in Madison, WI

Get the facts about introducing green cleaning in your workplace.

Our green office cleaning services for Madison, WI, businesses can help keep your staff healthy and save money. “Green” is a buzzword used often to describe anything that claims to be environmentally friendly. But when it comes to cleaning, KleenMark has been “green” long before it was popular!


We know how important it is to use earth-friendly products and methods for the health and safety of our clients as well as our employees.


Here are some commonly asked questions about the green office cleaning services we offer businesses in Madison, WI, and beyond.


Q: What is green cleaning?


A: There’s no universal definition of “green” cleaning, but for us, it means providing eco-friendly, sustainable cleaning services that are both safe and effective. We use established, proven green-cleaning processes such as spraying cleaning products directly onto reusable cloths, using microfiber mops, and using cold water whenever possible.


Q: What green cleaning certifications does KleenMark have?


A: Since 2011, we’ve been proud to hold the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association’s (ISSA) “Cleaning Industry Management Standard – Green Building” certification. That means, along with our own green-cleaning processes, we’re trained to help you achieve your environmental goals. Nearly 20 years ago, we launched the KleenMark Greenway initiative, a strategic decision that means every KleenMark product and method is environmentally sound. This gives our clients and staff confidence in the safety of the work we do.


Q: What benefits does green cleaning provide my office?


A: Employing green office cleaning practices at your Madison, WI, business is a strong signal to your company’s employees and clients that their health is important and that you have an eye toward the future. The decisions we make and actions we take today have a long-lasting effect on our earth. Nearly every Fortune 500 company reports on its own sustainability efforts, and they look to their suppliers and partners to consider their own environmental impacts as well.


Q: What kind of chemicals does KleenMark use in their green cleaning?


A: Most of the products we use have a Green Seal® or EcoLogo® certification; these products are verified for reduced environmental impact and meet the highest benchmark of health and environmental leadership. We also use energy-efficient equipment whenever possible.


Q: Can green cleaning save my company money?


A: Many people mistakenly believe that going green means spending more green, but quite the opposite — eco-friendly cleaning products are often less expensive. Additionally, the nontoxic chemicals in these products can better protect surfaces from wear and tear. Our energy-efficient equipment requires less energy, and we use cold water wherever possible. All of this translates into savings for your company!


At KleenMark, we walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to environmentally friendly cleaning practices.


If you’re interested in green office cleaning services in Madison, WI, or elsewhere in the state, let’s connect! You can contact our team with any questions you have or request a quote to learn the impact KleenMark can make for your organization.


Facility Cleaning: 10 Ways to Up Your Game This Year

It’s likely your facility cleaning program has never been under as much scrutiny as it is today. Employees want to know offices, factories, schools and clinics are clean and disinfected.

That’s why we’ve put together 10 of the best things you can do to take your cleaning and disinfecting program to the next level.

1. Add day cleaning

A day cleaner ensures frequently touched surfaces are disinfected regularly, restrooms are kept spotless and handles an array of other issues that arise during work hours. Having a day porter present also reassures employees, because they see them cleaning.

Check out, “Facility Day Cleaning: The Essential Checklist”, to go deeper.

2. Target high-traffic areas

Ramping up your efforts in high-traffic areas such as entryways, main corridors, restrooms, and waiting rooms will help give your employees and visitors the peace of mind that the places they spend the most time in are clean and sanitized. Get more info in “Back to the Office: Target High-Traffic Areas”.

3. Soft-surface disinfection

Tables and door handles get all the attention, but soft surfaces spread germs, too. A scheduled disinfection cadence not only keeps drapes and chairs fresh, but it also reassures employees you’re taking extra steps. Read “Tips for Tackling Upholstery, Drapes and More,” to learn more.

4. Refine your floor care

Dirty floors instantly trigger concerns your entire building isn’t clean. Increase how often you run the auto scrubber. Consider upgrading your mats. And regularly run an extractor on carpets. “Matting Maintenance, How to Protect Your Office Floor Mats,” is a great place to start.

5. Teach the basics

Don’t forget the small stuff. From dwell time to what chemicals work best, make sure your team has the information and training they need. This three-step process ensures they know how to properly disinfect hard surfaces.

6. Go touchless

This one is a must. Install touchless sanitizing stations, and soap and towel dispensers. It reduces germs and immediately improves perception. These four touch-free options are a great place to start.

7. Don’t forget to look up

People notice things they used to ignore. That includes dirty vents and cobwebs on lights. We’ve increasingly had requests to clean exposed ducts, as we talk about in this recent Cleaner’s Corner.

8. Empower employees

Give employees the resources and knowledge to help keep germs away. We like to start with signage, supplies and sanitizer, which is outlined in this Back-to-the-Office blog.

9. Increase deep disinfections

Daily cleaning is essential but it’s important to incorporate deep disinfecting into your program. What’s that mean? Generally, a trained team will use electrostatic sprayers to ensure all surfaces are adequately disinfected. They’ll also focus on soft surfaces, electronics and other areas that aren’t disinfected as frequently.

10. Share your story

This is the time to feature your team. Highlight your cleaning program – and the people behind it – in company newsletters, emails and other content. People relate to people. Seeing your team at work will instill confidence in other employees and a sense of pride in your team. It’s intangible, but goes a long way. 

If you’re looking for more tips, check out Customer Perception: 6 Commercial Cleaning Missteps That Cause Instant Worry.” 

Cleaner’s Corner: Why Microns Matter When Spraying Disinfectant

Question: Is the micron setting important when spraying disinfectant on hard surfaces?

Doug Lerch, KleenMark’s product expert

To cut right to it – yes, micron size is incredibly important when applying disinfectants with a sprayer (electrostatic, hand-pump or otherwise).

Let’s first talk about microns at the most basic level – no need to over complicate things. Essentially, a micron is how we describe the size of a single droplet. The larger the droplet the larger the micron number.

The size of the particle is relevant because it affects how well the disinfectant works and also how it “drifts” in the air. The micron setting on a sprayer also affects how thoroughly a surface is covered with the disinfectant.

Most hand-pump sprayers – what you often see at hardware stores – generally don’t have nozzles that produce microns small enough for spraying disinfectant with precision. The reason is they’re often used to spray insecticides and pesticides. If the droplets were that small, they would disperse unevenly and drift in the wind or indoor air current.

Spray bottles and hand-pump sprayers often leave disinfectant bubbles on hard surfaces. A great example is at gyms, where spray bottles are commonly used. Because the microns aren’t small enough, bubbles form when you spray benches to disinfect them. Any surface inside that bubble isn’t disinfected. That means COVID-19 and other germs aren’t killed and coverage is inconsistent.

With higher micron settings, you’re also not spraying as many particles. For instance if the micron level is doubled (say, from 250 to 500), you produce only one-eighth as many droplets. That means a less thorough covering of the surface.

Microns and electrostatic sprayers

We use electrostatic sprayers with nozzles that allow us to set them at 40, 80 and 110 microns. This is especially important with an electrostatic sprayer because droplets are super-charged, meaning they seek out negatively charged or neutral surfaces and “stick” to them. If you’re uncertain if an electrostatic sprayer is the right tool for the job, check out: “Do I Need an Electrostatic Sprayer for Disinfection?”

The small droplets disperse evenly from an electrostatic sprayer, because they repel each other in the air. Therefore, they don’t “clump” or form larger droplets. The end result is more consistent surface coverage.

You’ll know you have the perfect setting when the surface is fully covered but not too saturated, no matter the application device.

COVID-19 office cleaning: Specialized services and products

When it comes to keeping your facility clean and disinfected, your top priority is reducing the risk of COVID-19 for employees and visitors. 

At KleenMark, we offer services and products tailored to your current needs. Our chemical, product and operations experts have been in the trenches since day one, testing and researching the emerging and evidence-based technologies and chemicals to ensure each offering meets our standards. 

Below is a snapshot of our services and products available to help you navigate COVID-19.  

Day Porter Support

Day Porter Support

With an increased need to keep surfaces clean and disinfected, day porters provide the first line of defense against daily grime and germs, such as COVID-19.

  • KleenMark’s cleaning technicians are specially trained to provide high-touchpoint disinfection services.
  • An additional resource ensures your facility is disinfected at the proper frequency, when employees and visitors are present.
  • Program can be fully customized to meet your daytime cleaning and disinfection needs.

Touchpoint Disinfection

Keeping surfaces clean and disinfected is a primary focus as employees and visitors return to your facilities. KleenMark offers a range of options that can be customized to your needs.

  • More frequent disinfection of high-touchpoint surfaces such as door handles and light switches.
  • Enhanced disinfection services for common areas such as break rooms, conference rooms and cafeterias.
  • Customized programs to ensure items such as electronics and desks are disinfected at a cadence that meets your specific requirements.

Deep Disinfection Following a COVID-19 Infection

A confirmed case of COVID-19 can bring your operations to a halt. KleenMark has specially trained staff, processes and equipment to deliver a total disinfection of your space. Peace-of-mind guaranteed.

  • Third-party trained COVID-19 disinfection teams.
  • Rapid response.
  • Specially trained in application processes, including the use of electrostatic sprayers designed to ensure disinfectants are applied evenly and effectively.

Products + Equipment

Does your team need access to sprayers, sanitizers and disinfectants capable of killing COVID-19? We’ve got you covered. Visit kleenmarkdistribution.com for a full line of products.

Long-term bio protection: Does it shield against COVID-19?

Since COVID-19 hit, we’ve seen everything from “miracle” cleaners to practical, evidence-based processes and chemicals proven to kill the virus. Most notable is a group of products categorized as providing long-term bio protection, which has received a ton of hype. 

But is that hype warranted? Spoiler alert: No. But before we go deeper, let’s align on how long-term bio protection is defined. 

Long-term bio protection, at this moment, means a chemical can prevent bacteria and fungi from living on a surface for an extended period.  

The concept is simple: Rather than applying a disinfectant after each time a surface is touched, a long-term bio protectant is positioned as a solution that only needs to be applied occasionally. It then acts as a “shield” against certain microscopic bacteria. 

But, here’s the catch: Long-term bio protection doesn’t protect against COVID-19. It’s being positioned that way, but the science doesn’t align.  

For multiple reasons, including its inability to prevent COVID-19 from surviving, we do not condone the use of long-term bio protectants when defending against the virus at this time. 

Long-term bio protectants 

What they do: 

  • Provide a microbiostatic agent that create an invisible “shield” to protect surfaces from bacteria and fungus that can corrode or damage material. 
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae.
  • Prevents bacteria from staining or discoloring surfaces.
  • Prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing. 
  • Approved only for residential.

What they don’t do:

  • Kill or prevent COVID-19 on surfaces. 

What the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says:

  • Long-term bio protectants are not proven to kill COVID-19. 
  • They are not listed on the EPA’s “N” list, which provides disinfectants proven to kill COVID-19. 
  • No timeframe for how long the bio protectants last is listed. 

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our chemical expert, Doug Lerch at dlerch@kleenmark.com

School cleaning: 4 steps to disinfect like a pro

Disinfection. Depending on how you look at it, the idea of killing microscopic COVID-19 germs throughout your school may seem insanely complex or ridiculously simple. In reality, it’s all about using the right chemicals and following a few straightforward steps.

Our experts put together a four-step process any teacher, staff member or janitor can easily learn and apply. The result is a consistent, efficient approach to basic disinfection.

If you still have questions, don’t be shy. Send us a note and we’ll be happy to hop on the phone to answer your questions.

Report card: Is your school getting an A for cleaning + disinfecting?

Whether it’s parents, students or staff, everyone wants to know what their school is doing to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections when school starts this fall – and that begins with cleaning and disinfecting plans. 

With Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction introducing its E

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issuing detailed guidelines, making a strong push for students to return to school in person this fall, your head may be spinning as you work to develop a plan that needs to be effective, flexible and fluid.  

On top of that, mix in the Education Forward plan from Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction and you have a lot of information to analyze. 

To help, KleenMark is developing resources to help streamline the process for you. From equipment and chemical checklists, to FAQs we’ve gathered from school administrators, this information is designed to help you shape your approach. 

But, the most important thing to do is to first understand how your school stacks up. That’s why we’ve designed a simple, 15-question quiz (seriously, it takes 5 minutes), to grade your cleaning and disinfecting program. 

At the end, we’ll give you a report card, along with the answers that will get you an A+. Additionally, you’ll get a free, downloadable pdf that’s full of practical tips and tricks to help improve your program. 

Rather talk to someone first? Give us a call at 608-481-0008 or email Lora at lvanbommel@kleenmark.com for a free consultation.  

The Best of the Best. Meet the 2015 Kleeners of the Year!

Each day hundreds of dedicated KleenMark staff take to the field to service our customers and carry out KleenMark’s mission to make our customers look great.
Our core group of dedicated cleaners are a key reason that Kleenmark succeeds as one of the top Building Service companies in the State of Wisconsin. Amongst these great employees there are a few that stood out as the absolute best in 2015.
KleenMark Kleener of the Year 2015
Each Kleener of the Year has been selected by the Account Managers in their market as someone that exemplifies our Core Values (Steady Matters, Team Matters, Excellence Matters, People Matter, Purpose Matters) each and every day.
These are the standout employees who regularly go above and beyond and at our annual holiday party, we were able to celebrate and honor the 2015 Kleeners Of The Year.
Please take a minute to read more about these outstanding individuals and congratulate the winners for 2015 when you see them!
– Gary Nevala, HR Manager

KleenMark Kleener's of the Year 2015

ABOVE: Two of KleenMark’s outstanding Kleener’s of the Year.

2015 KleenMark
Kleeners of the Year

Fox Valley: Damon Harris
Damon reflects all of KleenMark’s core values exceptionally. He demonstrates outstanding performance, dedication and customer focus. It is always refreshing going to a customer meeting in the buildings in which he cleans because Damon’s dedication makes our clients happy and takes care of things very well.
Many times Damon has been assigned to buildings with areas of concern because usually within a week the clients concerns are virtually gone due to his leadership and dedication to satisfying the customer.
As someone who is very reliable, and hard working he rises to challenges by going the extra mile on a regular basis. He is no stranger to hard work and adding responsibility to his plate. Damon has been an essential asset the operations department in the Fox Valley region.

Madison: Manuel Trejo
Manuel is the Day Porter for one of our most important clients in the Madison Market. This is an immense building with break rooms, a warehouse, and large production areas in addition to office space.
The client absolutely loves Manuel.
He is a very important reason that our partnership works with them. His attendance and dedication is outstanding.
Manuel’s technical skills are also some of the best in the business and he handles project, floor care, and specialty work while being able to run any piece of equipment that may be needed to finish the job.
He is also the epitome of KleenMark’s core values. He does not demand special treatment yet regularly goes above and beyond. There are few employees that could ever come close to Manuel’s level of dedication, positive attitude and professionalism in front of clients.
Amongst the Madison operations team he was a unanimous decision to receive recognition as the 2015 Kleener of the year. Kleenmark is lucky to have Manuel!

Milwaukee: Karin Alberto Lara
Alberto is the most dependable cleaner at a major Class A Office building. He helps out both the night and day crews and of course the client loves having him on staff. Alberto very much enjoys KleenMark and the KleenMark culture.
He has also jumped right in to help us with our new regional, multi-location accounts when folks call in sick or if we are short-staffed. Through thick and thin Alberto has been dedicated to KleenMark.

Regional Accounts: Laureen Nied
As the Northwoods area supervisor for our newest and largest client, Laureen has taken the reigns on the majority of client and cleaner interactions and has done a fantastic job for us.
She has been easy to coach and develop as she is always receptive to constructive criticism and advice.  Laureen’s communication is also second to none as she regularly analyzes and discusses solutions and consequences before acting in the manner that best benefits Kleenmark and our relationship with the client. She has even become an asset in assisting in the development of one of our Education Accounts.
Laureen regularly looks for ways to become more efficient in day-to-day processes. Though she is pulled in multiple directions (training new employees, cleaning bank branches of her own, traveling to handle client interaction in her region, etc.) she doesn’t complain and maintains the mindset of, “work smarter, not harder”.
She is an excellent candidate to receive this award!

Wausau: Pat Hoewisch
Pat has been a dedicated KleenMark employee for six years working with us at a major company in the Wausau area and has recently taken on more responsibility at one of our healthcare clients. She regularly strives to maintain quality and consistent service. Pat is dedicated to ensuring our customers see a clean building each morning they arrive.
Her attitude is a wonderful asset to the team. Pat always communicates and follows through in any situation.

Congrats to these Outstanding Individuals!

LINK: Is day cleaning right for your office?

Cleaning has traditionally been a night-time only task for most of our clients. In the last few years however, more and more companies are looking to day cleaning as a way to reduce cleaning costs.
In this great article from CleanLink about day cleaning, you can read about who has been making the switch to away from night cleaning and some of the other unexpected benefits of the change you might not have seen coming.

Janitor’s Daytime Hours Are Picking Up [CleanLink]

If you’re interested in learning more about day cleaning, talk to your account manager, give KleenMark a call at 800-422-5159 or tell us more about your building online.

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