Long-term bio protection: Does it shield against COVID-19?

Since COVID-19 hit, we’ve seen everything from “miracle” cleaners to practical, evidence-based processes and chemicals proven to kill the virus. Most notable is a group of products categorized as providing long-term bio protection, which has received a ton of hype. 

But is that hype warranted? Spoiler alert: No. But before we go deeper, let’s align on how long-term bio protection is defined. 

Long-term bio protection, at this moment, means a chemical can prevent bacteria and fungi from living on a surface for an extended period.  

The concept is simple: Rather than applying a disinfectant after each time a surface is touched, a long-term bio protectant is positioned as a solution that only needs to be applied occasionally. It then acts as a “shield” against certain microscopic bacteria. 

But, here’s the catch: Long-term bio protection doesn’t protect against COVID-19. It’s being positioned that way, but the science doesn’t align.  

For multiple reasons, including its inability to prevent COVID-19 from surviving, we do not condone the use of long-term bio protectants when defending against the virus at this time. 

Long-term bio protectants 

What they do: 

  • Provide a microbiostatic agent that create an invisible “shield” to protect surfaces from bacteria and fungus that can corrode or damage material. 
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae.
  • Prevents bacteria from staining or discoloring surfaces.
  • Prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing. 
  • Approved only for residential.

What they don’t do:

  • Kill or prevent COVID-19 on surfaces. 

What the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says:

  • Long-term bio protectants are not proven to kill COVID-19. 
  • They are not listed on the EPA’s “N” list, which provides disinfectants proven to kill COVID-19. 
  • No timeframe for how long the bio protectants last is listed. 

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our chemical expert, Doug Lerch at dlerch@kleenmark.com


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