Our construction cleanup services are just one of the ways we can support your business as it grows.

Construction Cleanup Services: What Happens During a KleenMark Cleanup?

Get the inside scoop on our construction cleanup services here.

Our construction cleanup services are just one of the ways we can support your business as it grows.Expanding, renovating, or otherwise updating your office or facility can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. And just because construction is complete doesn’t mean the job is done! Construction cleanup is a vital final step in the process to ensure your project is “show-ready” for your staff or customers.

If this is your first time scheduling construction cleanup services, the Kleen Team is here to answer any of your questions and get your building in tip-top shape for employees and visitors. Let’s dive right in!


Debriefing the space

Once the contractor and construction crew have finished their work, one of KleenMark’s expertly trained project managers will “debrief” and assess the space to identify exactly what our cleaning crews need to accomplish to get your facility ready for business. This will ensure we’re only performing tasks necessary to your business’ smooth operation.

We will review our plans and processes with the pertinent members of your staff so you’re looped in from start to finish. Project managers are essential for keeping construction cleanups on task and prepared for any last inspections.


Debris removal

Our team will see that any leftover construction debris is cleared out and properly disposed of. Leftover construction material oftentimes cannot be dumped at a landfill, and our crews are well-versed in the proper protocols and regulations regarding these materials. If materials aren’t properly disposed of, that can mean fines and other headaches for your business.


High surface & deep cleaning

The dust and refuse left behind during construction can be major irritants to the throat and eyes. Our team will make sure every surface, especially those higher or more challenging to reach, like ceilings, is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We even use scissor lifts to get to those higher surfaces and make sure no spot goes uncleaned!


Vacuuming, dusting & floor cleaning

The final step is a rigorous vacuuming and/or floor cleaning, depending on your type of flooring, as well as one last dusting of all surfaces. Once we’ve completed our work, we guarantee your office’s new addition or revamped space will truly shine!

Our crews clean millions of square feet each day, so we have the skills needed to clean up after construction and every day after that.


Our construction cleanup services are just the tip of the iceberg of what we can provide your organization – visit our Construction Cleaning Services page to learn more, or request a quote so we can get started on your next project!

One great way to get your facility ready for summer is to give the floors some TLC after a long winter of slush and salt.

3 Services to Get Your Facility Ready for Summer

Help your building shine this season.


One great way to get your facility ready for summer is to give the floors some TLC after a long winter of slush and salt.As the temperatures warm up and the sun starts shining, it’s easy to see how the long winter has worn on your workspace — especially when you’re located in the Midwest, like KleenMark is!


Our team recommends going beyond your typical spring cleaning with a few specific services to help prep your facilities for the coming season. Here are the three cleaning services we recommend investing in so your building can sparkle and shine this summer:


  1. Carpet cleaning
  2. Floor maintenance
  3. Construction cleanup


Read on to learn more about these services and how KleenMark can help get your facility ready for summer!


Carpet cleaning


After months of snow and slush, your carpets are undoubtedly in need of some serious TLC. Dirty carpets with lingering stains and odd odors are more than a little off-putting for employees as well as visitors.


At KleenMark, we take great pride in our carpet cleaning and extraction services. We begin by pretreating carpets to loosen surface-level stains, then use the extractor to do the deep cleaning. We typically recommend doing the extraction in the late afternoon/early evening so we don’t have to worry about customers or employees passing through, and the carpets are fully dry by the next morning.


Floor maintenance


Even if your office doesn’t have carpets or is only partially carpeted, you don’t want to forget your hardwood, linoleum, or tile flooring when you get your facility ready for summer! While hard floors are certainly easier to clean than carpets, we make sure to put just as much care and consideration when treating non-carpeting flooring.


Just as with unkempt carpets, dingy floors communicate the wrong message to employees and visitors. Stripping and waxing your floors is a straightforward way to quickly enhance the look and feel of your entire facility while also saving money in the long run. We have a finely honed five-step method that will keep your floors looking like new for months to come!


Construction cleanup


If you’ve done any construction or renovations on your office space over the winter, the work isn’t finished until the space is cleared of debris and your facility is back in working order. KleenMark specializes in helping businesses and construction firms alike with that final step!


Our crews are ready to handle cleanup projects of all sizes. With a team of more than 800 cleaners around the Midwest, we’re here to make quick work of the toughest jobs. Some of the services we offer with construction cleanup include high-surface cleaning, debris removal, vacuuming, dusting, and more. We also have a dedicated project manager who is familiar with the process and contractor needs.


The options don’t stop here — we have a variety of cleaning services to best suit your organization’s needs and help get your facility ready for summer. Existing customers can contact their account manager today to request more information and schedule one of these services.


If you’re not a KleenMark customer yet, we’d love to work with you! Fill out the request a quote form on our website so we can learn a little bit more about your business and come up with a plan to make sure your facilities stay clean and look great year-round.

Our teams have extensive post-construction cleanup experience.

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Post-Construction Cleanup

Get your site cleaned up right with these tips.


Our teams have extensive post-construction cleanup experience.Whether you’re a construction organization finishing up a new build or a company wrapping up a renovation, construction projects can be incredibly exciting! But they can also leave behind tons of dust and debris that don’t exactly make the space “move-in ready.”


Thankfully, the Kleen Team is here to help with decades of construction cleanup experience! Whether this is your first construction cleanup project or your 100th, here are some important do’s and don’ts for post-construction cleanup that can help make the process go smoothly:


DO: Work with a professional cleaning company 


After spending a lot of time on a costly construction project, you may be tempted to try and save money by using a less expensive or newer cleaning company. If you cut corners and work with a less reputable business, you could end up paying for it down the road. A less experienced cleaning crew may not be able to work as efficiently and can make costly mistakes such as improper disposal of materials.


At KleenMark, our crews are ready to handle cleanup projects of all sizes. With a team of more than 800 cleaners throughout the Midwest, we’re here to make quick work of the toughest jobs!


DON’T: Rely on inexperienced help 


There are a lot of commercial cleaning services out there, but not all of them have the essential knowledge to successfully complete a post-construction cleanup while keeping everyone on site safe and healthy. KleenMark has been handling construction cleanups for years, so our teams are well-trained, knowledgable, and ready to take on any size project.


DO: Ensure there is a designated project manager 


A competent and professional project manager will know exactly how to sequence the cleanup and which areas need to take priority. For instance, a project manager well versed in the post-construction cleanup process won’t have sinks cleaned until inspectors come through and run the water. Without a project manager and properly trained, professional cleaners, construction cleanup can quickly become a headache, knocking the final steps of your project off-track and costing you money.


DON’T: Overlook the importance of a detailed safety training program


As you research and interview cleaning companies, be sure to inquire about the safety training that their employees undergo as part of their hiring process. You want to be confident that everyone on the crew is safety conscious and takes the job seriously.


DO: Tell your cleaning vendor about any deadlines


Open and clear communication is a building block of any professional relationship, so informing your cleaning vendor about any pertinent deadlines (inspections, final walk-throughs, etc.) that will impact how and when the cleanup crew can work is vital to the project.


At KleenMark, we know that just because the construction is done doesn’t mean that the job is complete! We have a variety of construction cleanup options to best suit your business’ needs.


To learn more, check out our post-construction cleanup services page or request a quote for your next site cleanup!

Cleaner’s Corner: How do I make sure my construction cleanup project finishes on time?

Question: It’s more common than not for our construction cleanup projects to miss deadline, which can affect the opening of a facility. How can I assure that doesn’t happen?

Mike Staver, KleenMark’s vice president of operations

This may be my shortest answer ever. It comes down this: Make sure your cleaning company has a dedicated project manager.

Like every other aspect of your construction project, effectively manage your cleanup to make sure you hit deadlines. At KleenMark, we have a dedicated project manager who specializes in construction cleanups, because we’ve seen what happens without one.

A project manager understands the sequence of events and guarantees the right parts of a facility are cleaned at the right time. For instance, you don’t want the sinks cleaned until an inspector tests the water. And if the HVAC hasn’t been commissioned, you’re going to have to go back and clean the dust it blew everywhere once it was turned on.

Those are only a couple of examples. Our project managers “talk the talk” as well. They attend contractor meetings to clearly understand project delays, new needs, etc., that impact work.

Ultimately, with a specialized project manager you don’t have to worry if the building is going to be cleaned to your standards. It’s out of mind and that’s value in itself. Check out this article to better understand how trained crews also save you time and money.

About this series: In the Cleaner’s Corner, our experts address questions we receive in the field. Our goal is to provide straightforward, practical tips and advice you can use.

Construction Cleanup: How Trained Crews Save Time, Money

After months of remodeling, a multi-million dollar project is wrapping up but you didn’t hire pros to handle your construction cleanup. The result: Delays in reopening and unexpected costs.

That situation is easy to prevent if you hire a properly trained team. Here’s a secret: Many cleaning companies use temporary help for construction cleanups. The reason is that they need a lot of people for the job but don’t have them on staff. The result, often, is untrained people working with minimal experience.

So, make sure you look for these three things when you hire a company to handle your construction cleanup:

1. Project Management is a Must For Construction Cleanup

The best organizations have a dedicated project manager who oversees the cleaning team. This person understands construction timelines and attends contractor meetings to ensure cleaning is done at the proper time.

For instance, a project manager well versed in the process won’t have sinks cleaned until inspectors come through and run the water. Or, nothing will be dusted and vacuumed until the HVAC is commissioned. This may sound obvious, but trust us, it’s often overlooked.

2. Professional Cleaners with an Eye for Detail

Trained crews know where to look and how to clean effectively. From door and window troughs caked with saw dust to the back corners of inside drawers, professional teams won’t miss these spots.

All of our crews, for instance, clean millions of square feet each day. So, when they’re on a construction cleanup, they know it’s second nature. That level of perfectionism should be an expectation – not a luxury – for you and your team.

Without a project manager and properly trained, professional cleaners, construction cleanup can quickly become a headache, knocking the final steps of your project off-track and costing you money.

Want more information? Check out Post-construction Cleanup: 4 Reasons Temp Help is Risky, Inefficient

How to Pick the Perfect Cleaning Company in 11 Critical Questions

It’s been said that, “You can judge the quality of a man’s life by the quality of his questions.”
Well, we think the same goes for the quality of your cleaning company.
how to pick a cleaning company
That’s why we’ve put together what we at KleenMark think are the 11 critical questions you need to ask before signing your next cleaning contract.
Some of these questions require a certain answer (like if your building is LEED certified, your cleaning company should be CIMS-GB certified so you can get LEED O&M credits).
And others are there for you to judge whether a company is a good fit for your building (like references and customizable cleaning programs).
So, without further ado, here are…

11 questions you can use to find the perfect cleaning company…

#1) Do you have references from buildings like ours?
A proven company should be able to provide you with multiple references from buildings that are similar in size or scope to yours who can vouch for the quality of their service. While our systems are scalable to a variety of sizes, costs, time, and scope of what our programs look like can differ significantly between a 10,000 sq. ft. office and over a million sq. ft. of hospitals and clinics across the state of Wisconsin.
#2) Can you show me your training program?
It’s really easy to say, “We have a great training program!”, but a company with a good system should be able to provide videos, checklists, and / or allow you to “virtually” assess how their team is trained. Make sure to ask for information about the training staff cleaners receive, who trains them, and how often their training is refreshed. If you are a specialized facility like a hospital or school, ask to see how they specifically train for your facility type.
#3) What certifications does your staff hold?
If you are a very small facility you may not need these, but for large, complex buildings (healthcare, education, LEED), your provider should be Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) / GB and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant. Both of these protect you and your company and, in some cases, save you money. Ask for a list of all certifications related to your business.
#4) What kind of insurance do you regularly carry?
Make sure any commercial cleaning company you consider is fully insured and bonded for the safety and security of you, your company and your facility. If by default a company doesn’t meet your requirements that’s ok! But, they must be willing and able to obtain the necessary insurance as a part of the contract. If you’re unsure of what kind of insurance you need, ask them about what they do for clients similar to you.
#5) What kind of availability do you offer?
Ask your cleaning company about blackout times in their schedule. Do they have any? What is their policy on emergency requests or issues that arise outside of regular business hours? Get real-life examples of how they have come through for specific clients for special requests. Think about the last time you had a special request and ask how they would handle it and if their would be extra costs?
#6) How do you hold yourself and your staff accountable?
Find out how the company will measure and track their success on your job site. Do they perform inspections electronically? What is their definition of “clean” (pass / fail, scoring, etc.)? Do they have a quality assurance program or department? How will you provide feedback, and what will they do with it? Is there a formal complaint procedure? Can they provide you with tracking tools?
#7) Do you use “green cleaning” methods?
Especially if you are a LEED certified facility, find out what green cleaning products, processes, and certifications the cleaning company has, and whether they can help your business get the kinds of green certifications that will help meet your environmental goals. For example, did you know that KleenMark’s CIMS-GB with Honors certification is actually certified by the USGBC (manages LEED) to help you meet LEED ongoing maintenance requirements.
#8) Are your cleaning programs able to be customized?
Don’t get cornered into a cleaning program that provides too much or not enough for your facility. For some buildings, it may benefit you to use your provider’s standards. This can save you money and management hassle. But if you have specific needs (i.e. you’re a lab) ask the provider if they offer any add-on services or scheduled project work that will meet your needs.
#9) How do you make safety a priority?
The reality of cleaning is that a lot of unsupervised work happens. Even in large campus environments that have dedicated, non-cleaning supervisors, there are still plenty of times that staff are in different areas of the building. And if a building is small or remote (like a bank branch or small office) your crew will most likely be unsupervised the majority of the time.
So, it is incredibly important to make sure any company you work with is compliant with OSHA laws, provides uniforms and/or badges to make their staff easily recognizable, has established processes and procedures for protecting confidential records, and for keeping your staff and facility as safe as possible.
Don’t be afraid to have them show you their safety process from the last 12 months or to ask for their OSHA recordable incidents.
#10) What equipment and supplies will you use in my account?
Ask about the products and equipment the cleaning company uses. Are they environmentally friendly? Do they buy locally? How much are they spending on supplies, and do they actively look for ways to save? Where do they buy equipment and supplies? Do they have direct relationships with manufacturers (which means better pricing and faster service)? Then make sure to ask what they’ll use in your account and why? For example, some companies may use a scrubber vs. a mop in a bathroom. But that could mean you only get a cleaning once / week (with a scrubber) vs. daily with a mop.
#11) Who will be managing my account?
Ask to meet the people who will be accountable and / or responsible for managing your account. If your contract is very large the company may need to hire someone specifically to fill that role. In that case, make sure to ask what they’re looking for and meet who that person’s boss will be. Find out what procedures are in place for replacing cleaning personnel who aren’t getting the job done or otherwise aren’t a fit for your facility.
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