Construction Cleanup: How Trained Crews Save Time, Money

After months of remodeling, a multi-million dollar project is wrapping up but you didn’t hire pros to handle your construction cleanup. The result: Delays in reopening and unexpected costs.

That situation is easy to prevent if you hire a properly trained team. Here’s a secret: Many cleaning companies use temporary help for construction cleanups. The reason is that they need a lot of people for the job but don’t have them on staff. The result, often, is untrained people working with minimal experience.

So, make sure you look for these three things when you hire a company to handle your construction cleanup:

1. Project Management is a Must For Construction Cleanup

The best organizations have a dedicated project manager who oversees the cleaning team. This person understands construction timelines and attends contractor meetings to ensure cleaning is done at the proper time.

For instance, a project manager well versed in the process won’t have sinks cleaned until inspectors come through and run the water. Or, nothing will be dusted and vacuumed until the HVAC is commissioned. This may sound obvious, but trust us, it’s often overlooked.

2. Professional Cleaners with an Eye for Detail

Trained crews know where to look and how to clean effectively. From door and window troughs caked with saw dust to the back corners of inside drawers, professional teams won’t miss these spots.

All of our crews, for instance, clean millions of square feet each day. So, when they’re on a construction cleanup, they know it’s second nature. That level of perfectionism should be an expectation – not a luxury – for you and your team.

Without a project manager and properly trained, professional cleaners, construction cleanup can quickly become a headache, knocking the final steps of your project off-track and costing you money.

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