Air Cleaning: How to Purify Without Reworking Your HVAC

You’re in charge of your facility’s overall cleaning program – from how to keep frequently touched surfaces to disinfected to floor care. But now you have a new surface to worry about: The air.

Since the pandemic hit air quality has taken center stage, with recommendations on how to ventilate your building coming from government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as private industry organizations such as ASHRAE.

But, what if overhauling your HVAC isn’t reasonable? How can you clean your air and reassure employees and visitors? Responsible for helping our clients manage the health and safety of their buildings, we’ve turned to portable air purification.

Why We Like Portable Air Purification

Virus removal.

You want to make sure any portable unit you use is proven to capture aerosols that contain viruses, bacteria, molds and other contaminants. Make sure you ask for the data. We only recommend purifiers proven to capture 99.97% of particulate matter down to .3 microns. Anything that doesn’t go down to .3 microns isn’t worth your consideration.

Targeted purification.

They work wonderfully in offices, classrooms, common areas and conference rooms. You can easily move them around to occupied areas, while avoiding wasted energy and resources in parts of the building currently unused.

Employee/visitor perception.

Seeing is believing. When purifiers are in the room it gives people peace of mind that the air is actively being cleaned (and it is). We particularly like purification systems that allow you to scan a QR code to see the active purification status.


Reworking your HVAC system can cost thousands of dollars, if not more. With portable systems, you can control your budget and still get quality results where you need them.

Easy to maintain.

Most portable units only require you to change the filter on a regular basis. At KleenMark, we provide not only the air purifiers but our team can also take care of changing filters for you.

Digital monitoring.

With some purifiers you can monitor the effectiveness 24/7 from your smartphone or computer. Additionally, you’ll get notifications for when the filter needs changed, scheduled on/off times, etc.

If you want to learn more, send us a note or give us a call. Our team includes a health and safety officer, and we only recommend solutions proven to work.

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