Our top winter cleaning services will keep your facility clean and safe from cold, flu, slips, and falls.

3 Must-Have Winter Cleaning Services

Keep the snow and sleet outside where they belong with these KleenMark services.


Our top winter cleaning services will keep your facility clean and safe from cold, flu, slips, and falls.KleenMark was born in Madison, WI, and has spent 60 years serving businesses across the Midwest. That means we know a thing or two about our region’s often frigid, unrelenting winters.

Over our decades in the commercial cleaning business, we’ve developed methods and systems for cleaning that are both tough enough to withstand the Midwest winters and safe for your employees.

Here are three of the must-have winter cleaning services that we recommend to keep your facility clean, safe, and looking great all season long:

  1. Floor and entryway cleaning
  2. Vent and duct cleaning
  3. High touch point disinfecting

Learn more about these winter cleaning services and why we recommend them for all of our Midwestern customers!


Floor and entryway cleaning

Office building floors and entrances show wear and tear faster than any other part of a building, and they’re often the first places where melting snow, slush, and dirty footprints accumulate during the winter months. They’re also the first thing employees, clients and visitors see when they enter, so it’s important to keep them looking their best, no matter the season.

Our cleaning crews can perform carpet extraction for deep-set stains as well as buffing and mopping for tile or vinyl flooring. Aside from looking good and making a good impression, well-kept carpet and clean, dry flooring will keep employees and visitors safe during these cold winter months.


Vent and duct cleaning

Just because you can’t see the dust and allergens in your office doesn’t mean they’re not there! KleenMark’s cleaning crews can dust high-up and hard-to-reach areas, but we also recommend annual vent and duct cleaning, where debris often originates and can build up over time. Regular cleaning will also keep your ducts in good working order, and help keep the air quality in your building healthy and safe for everyone inside.


High-touch point disinfecting 

The arrival of colder weather also means the unfortunate arrival of cold and flu season. Keeping high-touch surfaces sanitized and disinfected is the first step toward staving off illness during the winter months. We thoroughly disinfect surfaces such as door handles, light switches, bathroom countertops, faucets and all applicable kitchen areas. We can also safely disinfect shared office equipment like computers, printers, copiers, etc.


At KleenMark, we know that keeping employees and visitors healthy can be a challenge as the weather turns cold, but we have tremendous experience in commercial cleaning and “winterizing” offices throughout our home state of Wisconsin and the Midwest.

If you’re looking for winter cleaning services and a top-notch team to help keep your facility looking great no matter the season, contact us today for a quote!

For more cold-weather cleaning tips, keep reading the KleenMark blog.

Talk to our Kleen Team about implementing these commercial cleaning services as part of your facility’s cleaning routine.

5 Overlooked Commercial Cleaning Services

Don’t forget these critical services when scheduling cleaning for your facility!

Talk to our Kleen Team about implementing these commercial cleaning services as part of your facility’s cleaning routine.A good cleaning service will check the boxes of all the things that come to mind when you think of cleaning — vacuuming, disinfecting bathrooms, and dusting countertops. A stellar cleaning service will perform services you didn’t even know your office needed. Here are five of the most overlooked commercial cleaning services we recommend for our commercial cleaning customers:

  1. Regular carpet care
  2. Tile scrubbing
  3. High dusting
  4. Exterior windows
  5. Upholstery cleaning

Read on to learn more about these commercial cleaning services and how they can benefit your facility!


Regular carpet care

Of course, our cleaning professionals will vacuum the carpet flooring in your office, but we also recommend more in-depth carpet cleaning on a fairly regular basis. We take great pride in our carpet cleaning — or “extraction” — services. We begin by pretreating carpets to loosen surface-level stains with a solution called Triple S’s Pretreat Plus, which we’ve found works on just about every kind of carpet and stain. Regular carpet care will keep your office looking fresh and extend the life of your carpets as well.


Tile scrubbing

On the topic of flooring, dull and grimy grout is a telltale sign of improper care and cleaning, particularly in restrooms. We have tried and true methods for pulverizing even the toughest stains that will leave your tile flooring looking brand new.


High dusting

Unless you have an eight-foot tall employee in your office, chances are you seldom see the top of the filing cabinets or bookshelves. But just because you can’t see the dust and allergens piling up doesn’t mean they’re not there or not causing sneezing attacks all over the office! Our crews have the tools to clean high-up and hard-to-reach areas and can do so regularly to make sure your employees aren’t bothered by seemingly invisible pollutants.


Exterior windows

The exterior of buildings can take quite a beating during the brutal Midwest winters, and while it can be a difficult cleaning task, it’s one our cleaning crews will gladly tackle to keep all of your office looking pristine. We are also mindful of safety protocols and existing weather conditions before we conduct any outdoor cleaning.


Upholstery cleaning

Just like stained, dirty carpets are unappealing, so is stained office furniture — perhaps even more so because you’re not often asked to sit on carpeting. Using similar methods to carpet extraction, with environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions, we can extract deep-set stains and bring your upholstered furniture back to life.


Chances are there are many overlooked areas of your facility that could use a deep clean or a refresh, and we’d be happy to discuss how KleenMark can help. Please contact us today for a quote, or visit our Commercial Cleaning Services page to learn more!

Trusting KleenMark to provide deep cleaning for your bathrooms at your facility is a surefire way to keep your staff healthy and happy.

5 Reasons to Schedule a Deep Cleaning for Your Bathrooms

Give your restrooms some TLC to avoid stubborn odors and stains.

Trusting KleenMark to provide deep cleaning for your bathrooms at your facility is a surefire way to keep your staff healthy and happy.Deep cleaning the office bathroom. These words might strike fear in the hearts of many, but at KleenMark, we enjoy the satisfaction of a properly cleaned bathroom. A clean, sanitized bathroom isn’t just a way to make a good impression on anyone who passes through — it’s an essential part of running a successful business and maintaining your facilities.

Here are five reasons to schedule a deep cleaning for your business’ bathrooms:

  1. Stain removal
  2. Odor elimination
  3. Cold and flu fighting
  4. Making staff and visitors comfortable
  5. Long term savings

Read on to learn more about why you’ll want to trust KleenMark to schedule deep cleaning for bathrooms at your facility!


Stain removal

We don’t need to get into the nitty-gritty specifics, but we’re willing to bet that your office’s bathrooms have their fair share of stains, gunk, and other unsightly blemishes. The Kleen Team is equipped with tried and true methods of removing these stains as well as sanitizing hard surfaces in bathrooms to protect against future bacteria.


Odor elimination

Unpleasant bathroom odors can, surprisingly, often originate from grimy grout and dirty drains. Our teams will rigorously clean grout between tiles, but, in many cases, we can also clean and sanitize drains that lead to the bathroom and can produce some of the more foul odors. We also recommend using odor counteractant to neutralize toilet bowl smells.


Cold and flu fighting

With the cold and flu season nearly upon us, it’s a vital time of year to go above and beyond when it comes to keeping your employees, clients, and anyone visiting your business healthy and safe. At KleenMark, we’ll go the extra mile with our deep cleaning and sanitization services. We can also offer suggestions to help keep everyone healthy when our expert team isn’t around, such as hand sanitizing stations outside bathrooms, handwashing signage, and “no touch” bathroom door handles.


Making staff and visitors comfortable

Taking pride in the cleanliness of your restrooms is essential not only for keeping viruses and bacteria at bay but also for the peace of mind of your staff and visitors. A pleasing odor in a shared bathroom can go a long way toward making employees and visitors feel welcome.


Long term savings

You may think you can skimp on the bathroom cleaning and just give the toilets a quick scrub and wipe down the counters yourself–believe us; this is just a temporary fix. Your bathroom may appear clean for a few days, but without a thorough cleaning, your toilets, faucets, drains and other fixtures will show significant signs of wear and wear much more quickly than if they were properly cleaned and cared for. As such, they will need to be replaced more frequently.


Keeping common bathrooms clean and safe is not an easy task, but the team at KleenMark is always up to the challenge. If you’re ready to experience a new level of deep cleaning for bathrooms or other areas of your facility, contact us today!

Our corporate cleaning services for bathrooms can help keep staff healthy and impress visitors.

4 Essential Corporate Cleaning Services for Workplace Bathrooms

Keep your restrooms in tip-top shape for employees and visitors alike.


Our corporate cleaning services for bathrooms can help keep staff healthy and impress visitors.Cleaning bathrooms is no one’s favorite chore at home, and that’s certainly true at the office as well. Fortunately, at KleenMark, we don’t mind doing the dirty work — and doing it well. The cleanliness of your workplace bathrooms is not only essential to the health of your employees and visitors but goes a long way in helping project a professional image and leaving a great impression on everyone who uses them.

At KleenMark, we have 60 years of experience providing corporate cleaning services, so our team understands the services that help take a restroom facility to the next level and keep it looking sparkling clean.

With these four essential corporate cleaning services, you can be confident that your bathroom will shine:

  1. Deep cleaning floors
  2. Disinfecting high-touch surfaces
  3. Neutralizing lingering odors
  4. Replacing wax rings

Read on to learn more about each of these services!


Deep cleaning floors

With anywhere from dozens to hundreds of visitors each day, bathroom floors are certainly high-traffic areas, to say the least. If you have tile flooring, we recommend degreasing and scrubbing with a swing machine (also known as a side-by-side floor buffer) and then sealing it up to extend its life and make daily cleaning more effective.


Disinfecting high-touch surfaces

Sometimes, it’s what you can’t see that can be most problematic — with an average of 229,000 germs per square inch on bathroom surfaces like faucet handles and toilet flushers, we leave no square inch unsanitized. Our crews thoroughly disinfect and sanitize every surface in the bathroom and pay particular attention to surfaces such as faucets, door handles, stall doors and toilet flushers.


Neutralizing lingering odors 

It’s pretty off-putting to walk into a bathroom and know that you’ve just walked into, well, a bathroom. In a perfect world, your employees and visitors should think they’ve walked into a spa or a spring meadow upon entering the restroom. If your bathroom has a drain, this, surprisingly, can be the primary culprit for any lingering, unpleasant odors, regardless of how clean your bathroom may appear.

As part of our corporate cleaning services for bathrooms, our teams will rigorously clean grout between tiles. In many cases, we can also clean and sanitize drains that lead to the bathroom and can produce some of the more foul odors. We also recommend using odor counteractant to neutralize toilet bowl smells.


Replacing wax rings

Just a small ring of wax plastic could be the solution to your smelly bathroom problems. The wax ring at the base of toilets seals off the waste pipes below, and if that ring is defective, it can release foul odors and hydrogen sulfide, a toxic gas. We can easily check and see if these need to be replaced in your office’s bathrooms.


Keeping workplace bathrooms looking clean and smelling fresh is not an easy task — fortunately, with KleenMark, this is one issue we’re glad to take off of your plate.


If you have any questions about our corporate cleaning services and how we can meet your business’ unique needs, check out our Services pagecontact our team, or request a quote today!

We have 60 years of experience providing commercial cleaners service to Madison, WI.

FAQs About Our Commercial Cleaners Services in Madison WI

Have a question? The Kleen Team has the answers!


We have 60 years of experience providing commercial cleaners service to Madison, WI.As a business owner, it’s vital to make sure that your office space and facility as a whole are clean, safe, and accessible. Often, this is easier said than done — that’s where KleenMark comes in. We’ve been providing commercial cleaners services to Madison, WI, businesses and other locations across Wisconsin and the Midwest for 60 years.

That experience not only means we bring decades of know-how to the table, but if you have any questions about getting started with KleenMark, our team has the answers.

Here are the most frequently asked questions we get about our commercial cleaners services:


Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We have nearly 60 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry. We’re proud to bring a top-notch level of expertise to each job and each client.


Q: What commercial cleaning services do you provide?

A: If it involves keeping your office clean and safe, we can do it! We offer:

  • Traditional and customizable cleaning services – including vacuuming, mopping, waste and recycling collection, and more.
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing – services like high touchpoint and soft surface sanitization are more important than ever.
  • Infection control – our teams are trained and certified to deliver infection control services to help you reduce the spread of germs and adhere to the latest medical cleaning protocol.
  • Construction cleanup – building projects are equal parts exciting and messy. Our cleanup crews are effective and efficient, helping keep your projects on track and on budget.


Q: What kinds of properties do you clean?

A: The industries we work with are as varied as the cleaning services we offer. Our clients include healthcare facilities and hospitals, biotech companies, schools, manufacturing facilities, office spaces, and more. Each space is unique, and we’re able to provide customizable cleaning services with constant attention to detail.

To learn more about the specific services we offer each industry, visit our Industries page!


Q: What do your certifications mean?

A: We’re proud of the certifications we’ve earned in our industry, but for anyone not in the commercial cleaning business, all of these acronyms can sound like a foreign language.

Here are some brief descriptions of KleenMark’s certifications, and how they benefit our customers:

  • ISSA CIMS-GB Certified with Honors – ISSA is the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, and the CIMS-GB certification stands for Cleaning Industry Management Standard-Green Building. To become CIMS-GB certified with honors, an organization has to demonstrate that it meets or exceeds the industry standard in six core areas of business, all while showcasing professionalism and a customer-focused approach that can provide sophisticated, proven green-cleaning programs for its clients.
  • GBAC-Trained Technicians – The Global Biorisk Advisory Council is a division of the ISSA and certifies that cleaning professionals have the knowledge, planning, and processes needed to respond to a biohazard crisis in the workplace.
  • Academy of Cleaning Excellence – The objective of all ACE educational courses is to teach safe, healthy, and proactive knowledge to​​ the cleaning staff in order to protect their own health, as well as individuals within the environments they service.

We take great pride in our sparkling reputation and would take the same pride in cleaning your office facility with our commercial cleaners services for Madison, WI and beyond!


If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your organization meet its cleaning goals, or if you have any other questions about the services we offer, contact our team today.

If you’re ready to discover the KleenMark difference, request a quote!

We’re proud to provide commercial cleaning in Madison, WI, and beyond!

4 Must-Know Facts About Our Commercial Cleaning Services

We’re proud to offer commercial cleaning in Madison, WI and beyond!


We’re proud to provide commercial cleaning in Madison, WI, and beyond!When it comes to commercial cleaning services in Madison, WI, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a company with more experience or a better reputation than KleenMark. We make it our mission to go above and beyond for our clients each day.


Here are four must-know facts about the services we’re proud to offer businesses in Madison and throughout Wisconsin.


  1. Keep it Kleen with day porter services
  2. Save time with supplemental cleaning services
  3. We go beyond cleaning
  4. Sixty years of experience


Read on to learn more about these commercial cleaning services and how they can make a difference at your organization!


Keep it Kleen with day porter services


If your organization is heavily trafficked throughout the work day – for instance, a school, commercial office facility, or hospital – you may need additional cleaning beyond just after-hours cleaning. That’s where a day porter comes in — a day porter will clean and disinfect in-between night crew, and make sure everything is running smoothly during the work day.


Day porters are the unsung heroes of the cleaning world, handling high-touchpoint disinfection, restroom checks, and any other unplanned janitorial needs that arise. The evening cleaning crew performs many of the same functions as a day porter, but also includes tasks that could be disruptive during the day (such as vacuuming and mopping). Our day porter services provide many businesses with much-needed daytime coverage to make sure your visitors and clients are welcomed into a clean and comfortable facility.


Save time with supplemental cleaning services


Your facility may already have a janitor on staff, but managing a facility can be a lot for one person to handle, no matter how diligent and dedicated they are. Or perhaps you’re looking to hire more janitorial staff but are having a hard time finding the right candidates. Our commercial cleaning services can complement and supplement your existing staff and work right alongside them to deliver a higher standard of clean! This saves you the time and hassle of having to hire and train your own employees while giving you peace of mind that the job is getting done right.


We go beyond cleaning


At KleenMark, we understand the importance of overall building maintenance and are proud to offer additional specialty services such as ground management, lighting replacements, window cleaning, power washing, carpet extraction, and more. While important, daily cleaning is only part of the equation necessary to ensure a well-maintained business. Read more about our specialty services here.


Sixty years of experience


With six decades of industry experience, we’ve had many opportunities to hone our skills to ensure you get the results and attention you expect. We are proud of the expertise we’re able to offer our clients, while at the same time, we’re always eager to learn about new developments and protocols in cleaning to help us better serve you.


We’ve had the privilege to serve hundreds of clients across the Midwest over the last sixty years, and we’d love the opportunity to add your organization to that list!


To hear from current KleenMark customers and why they love working with our team for their commercial cleaning services in Madison, WI, and beyond, check out our testimonials page.


Our team is also happy to answer any questions you have or talk more about your facility’s unique needs after you submit a quote!

KleenMark offers commercial cleaners services in Madison, WI and across the Midwest!

What to Look for in Commercial Cleaners Services in Madison, WI

Make sure you find the best fit for your organization.

KleenMark offers commercial cleaners services in Madison, WI and across the Midwest!Choosing a commercial cleaners service for your organization is much like hiring a new employee for your business — you need to make sure they demonstrate professionalism, experience, and clear communication throughout your relationship.

If you’re looking for commercial cleaners services in the Madison, WI, area, you have a lot of options to pick from. But not every commercial cleaning company can offer you the same services and industry expertise that your business needs!


Here are some items to keep in mind as you look for a new commercial cleaner:



Ask prospective cleaning services what industries they primarily serve to help determine if they will be a good fit for you. KleenMark has extensive experience in a variety of fields, including healthcare, manufacturing, education, biotech, events, and traditional commercial office space. We are able to provide a customized approach to each of our clients to best fit their commercial cleaning needs.

The second question you’ll want to ask with respect to experience is the size of your office or workspace relative to the spaces the cleaning service typically covers. If you have a large warehouse and a separate office space, you need to make sure the cleaning service has the experience and the ability to take on the job. While KleenMark is able to tackle jobs big and small, we specialize in facilities over 50,000 square feet.


Employee training

No two workspaces are identical, so it’s important that the team cleaning yours is adequately trained and familiar with your space and its unique needs. KleenMark cleaners take tremendous pride in the work they do and are expertly trained to master cleaning best practices, the latest technology, and green cleaning methods. We also provide specialized training for cleaning sterile environments such as healthcare or biotech facilities, where a higher standard of sanitization is required.


Consider your needs

Chances are you’re looking for a cleaning service that does more than just vacuum and takes out the trash; consider what specialized services you need before you hire a new service. KleenMark has expertise and capabilities in commercial cleaninginfection controlconstruction and renovation clean-up, and many others, so whatever cleaning requirements you have, our team can handle them.


Environmentally-friendly cleaning methods

Our clients’ and employees’ health and safety are consistently at the forefront of all that we do, which is why we’re proud to use many green-certified chemicals and green-cleaning processes. Through our facility supplies business, KleenMark Distribution, we also provide the best in green-cleaning products and technology for purchase.

Looking to hire a new professional cleaning service is no small undertaking, and there are many options and factors to consider. At KleenMark, we offer decades of unique industry experience and comprehensive services to meet your business’ needs.


Check out our Services page to explore the different cleaning services we offer, or hear from a fellow KleenMark customer in this case study!


If you’re ready to take the next step in hiring world-class commercial cleaners services in Madison, WI or beyond, contact our team or request a quote today!

These professional cleaning services for allergies are just some of the ways KleenMark can help your employees and customers stay happy and healthy.

4 Must-Have Commercial Cleaning Services for Allergy Season

Keep allergens (and sneezes) from invading your workplace this spring with professional cleaning services for allergies!


These professional cleaning services for allergies are just some of the ways KleenMark can help your employees and customers stay happy and healthy.While spring is mostly a time for celebration as the frigid winter weather comes to an end across the Midwest, it also marks the arrival of allergy season for an estimated 50 million Americans.

As trees, grasses, and other plants bloom, they release pollen that can trigger allergy symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, and a runny nose. Those allergens can make their way into your workplace through windows, doors, and on the shoes and clothing of employees and visitors.

Because of that, early spring is an excellent time to schedule a deep cleaning of your workspace to eliminate allergens and keep your employees and guests happy and healthy.

The professional cleaning services for allergies we recommend this time of year include:

  1. Dusting and vacuuming
  2. Carpet extractions
  3. Disinfecting high-touch areas
  4. Soft surface sanitization

Read on to learn more about these professional cleaning services for allergies!


Dusting and vacuuming 

Dusting and vacuuming can be done daily or weekly, and it’s a good starting point come allergy season. Our professionally trained cleaners will dust nearly every surface, not only desktops and countertops but higher-up areas such as the tops of shelves and ceilings as well, as these often-forgotten areas accumulate a tremendous amount of dust and allergens.


Carpet extractions

A carpet extractor is a powerful carpet cleaning tool that uses water, pressure, suction, and a chemical cleaner to extract dirt and stains from deep in the fibers of the carpet.

Your workplace’s carpets see a lot of traffic, and with many high-performance carpets, stains and everyday wear and tear might not be visible to the naked eye. But just because you can’t see the dirt and debris doesn’t mean it’s not there! That’s why scheduling quarterly (or even monthly, depending on the number of employees and visitors your office has) carpet extractions is essential to prevent a buildup of allergens in your space.


Disinfecting high-touch areas

We recommend daily disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, common-use electronics such as printers and copiers, and your kitchen or breakroom area. This service doesn’t just help eliminate any allergens that people track into your office with them during the spring months — it’s a good practice to adopt to help reduce your team’s risk of allergies and illness year-round.


Soft surface sanitization

Unlike our clothes, textiles in an office cannot be easily or frequently laundered to remove allergens from their fibers, making soft surface sanitizing essential during allergy season. Using the latest technology and anti-microbial solutions on drapes, rugs, carpets, and other upholstered surfaces as part of your office’s cleaning protocols can go a long way toward keeping your team healthy during spring allergy season.


At KleenMark, we deliver professional cleaning services for allergies that can keep your team and customers happy and healthy during allergy season and beyond.

Learn more about the  services we offer, and see how we’ve helped organizations in your industry on our Industries page!

If you’re interested in taking your workplace’s cleaning routine to the next level with KleenMark’s professional services, contact our team today or request a quote online!

Force of Infection: What is it, does it matter for disinfection?

Since the pandemic hit, you’ve probably learned a lot of new germ-related terms. But one you may not be that familiar with is force of infection, an important thing to consider as you determine the future of your facility’s disinfection program.

Force of infection, or FOI, is the rate at which individuals in a population acquire an infectious disease over a period of time. In layman’s terms, FOI shows how many people are getting sick and how quickly it’s happening.

So, why does this matter to you? Because as you consider what your long-term disinfection protocol will look like, you need to know that FOI has the potential to be impacted by germ-covered sources, making it important to continue disinfecting surfaces.

Why You Need to Understand Force of Infection

This year, the journal NPJ Vaccines published the article “Force of infection: a determinant of vaccine efficacy?” The journal, which is part of Nature Magazine is a scientific publication dedicated to highlighting the most important advances in vaccine research and development.

The focus of the article was to examine whether a lower FOI impacts the effectiveness of vaccines. In the study, they looked at two groups of people: One that had received a rotavirus (diarrhea) vaccine and another that was given a malaria vaccine. In both instances, a lower FOI led to higher vaccine efficacy (VE).

The question then becomes: Do non-pharmaceutical interventions (this is a fancy term for bucketing things like disinfectants and proper PPE usage into one group) help lower force of infection?

In the NPJ Vaccines article, the author argues that, yes, proper disinfection efforts could reduce FOI and “therefore enhance or sustain VE”. Therefore, in the context of a pandemic, continuing to use non-pharmaceutical interventions to manage disease spread “seems prudent and … quite urgent.”

As the number of new COVID-19 cases ebbs and flows, and as new variants continue to pop up, we felt that it’s important to highlight the ongoing role proper disinfection can play in reducing the presence of germs that could impact force of infection, and subsequently the health of your employees and visitors.

Develop a Disinfection Program That Works

To ensure your facility is on top of its disinfection game, you need to incorporate several elements into your cleaning program.

Day Porter Disinfection

Yes, most deep cleaning happens when your facility is empty. But with people coming and going, it’s important you maintain a high level of cleanliness. This not only improves the health of your facility but it also gives people the peace of mind that you’re taking intentional steps to reduce the amount of germs in your building. Adding an extra day porter – or reassigning your existing day-cleaning staff – will allow you to focus on keeping high-traffic areas clean and disinfected. With more people using more soap, hand sanitizer and towels, they’ll also focus on keeping those products stocked. This day-cleaning checklist is a good place to start.

High-touchpoint Disinfection

You’ve probably heard us talk about this before, but that’s only because of its importance. You need to disinfect frequently touched surfaces multiple times each day using approved chemicals from the Environmental Protection Agency’s List N. Each chemical on this list is proven to kill COVID-19. To learn how to properly disinfect, watch this quick video.

Confirmed case? Time to spray.

While proactive electrostatic spraying still has benefits, we always recommend using it after a confirmed COVID-19 exposure in your facility. Electrostatic sprayers have technology that ensures disinfectant “sticks” to every surface and kills germs. Because it is sprayed as a mist, it’s easy to blanket all hard surfaces.

To learn more about the benefits of electrostatic spraying and how it works, read Do I Need an Electrostatic Sprayer for Disinfection?

3 Steps to Help Employees Fight Germs

Editor’s note: Quick Kleen is a regularly occurring video series produced by our cleaning and disinfection experts. The series is designed to provide you with practical information your team can use, while giving you insight into our approach and services offered. 

As you bring employees back into the workplace – or look to simply improve cleaning and disinfection best practices, these three tips can help encourage new habits among your employees. This is a simple, three-step process great for those people not on your janitorial team.  

It all comes down to what we call the three S’s: Signage. Supplies. Sanitizer. Check out the video to see how each comes into play.

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