5 Overlooked Commercial Cleaning Services

Don’t forget these critical services when scheduling cleaning for your facility!

Talk to our Kleen Team about implementing these commercial cleaning services as part of your facility’s cleaning routine.A good cleaning service will check the boxes of all the things that come to mind when you think of cleaning — vacuuming, disinfecting bathrooms, and dusting countertops. A stellar cleaning service will perform services you didn’t even know your office needed. Here are five of the most overlooked commercial cleaning services we recommend for our commercial cleaning customers:

  1. Regular carpet care
  2. Tile scrubbing
  3. High dusting
  4. Exterior windows
  5. Upholstery cleaning

Read on to learn more about these commercial cleaning services and how they can benefit your facility!


Regular carpet care

Of course, our cleaning professionals will vacuum the carpet flooring in your office, but we also recommend more in-depth carpet cleaning on a fairly regular basis. We take great pride in our carpet cleaning — or “extraction” — services. We begin by pretreating carpets to loosen surface-level stains with a solution called Triple S’s Pretreat Plus, which we’ve found works on just about every kind of carpet and stain. Regular carpet care will keep your office looking fresh and extend the life of your carpets as well.


Tile scrubbing

On the topic of flooring, dull and grimy grout is a telltale sign of improper care and cleaning, particularly in restrooms. We have tried and true methods for pulverizing even the toughest stains that will leave your tile flooring looking brand new.


High dusting

Unless you have an eight-foot tall employee in your office, chances are you seldom see the top of the filing cabinets or bookshelves. But just because you can’t see the dust and allergens piling up doesn’t mean they’re not there or not causing sneezing attacks all over the office! Our crews have the tools to clean high-up and hard-to-reach areas and can do so regularly to make sure your employees aren’t bothered by seemingly invisible pollutants.


Exterior windows

The exterior of buildings can take quite a beating during the brutal Midwest winters, and while it can be a difficult cleaning task, it’s one our cleaning crews will gladly tackle to keep all of your office looking pristine. We are also mindful of safety protocols and existing weather conditions before we conduct any outdoor cleaning.


Upholstery cleaning

Just like stained, dirty carpets are unappealing, so is stained office furniture — perhaps even more so because you’re not often asked to sit on carpeting. Using similar methods to carpet extraction, with environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions, we can extract deep-set stains and bring your upholstered furniture back to life.


Chances are there are many overlooked areas of your facility that could use a deep clean or a refresh, and we’d be happy to discuss how KleenMark can help. Please contact us today for a quote, or visit our Commercial Cleaning Services page to learn more!

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