5 Cleaning Resolutions to Make in the New Year

Help your facility start 2024 with a Kleen slate.


Our top cleaning resolution? Work with a team who has decades of industry experience, like KleenMark.New year, new you — right? Lots of us make laudable New Year’s resolutions related to our diets, mental health, wellness and overall lifestyle. What about a resolution for your office space?

After all, it’s the place where you spend roughly a third of your day, and at KleenMark, we think it’s time to give some extra attention to your office building.

Here are five cleaning resolutions to make in the new year to help improve your work environment for you and your team:

  1. Try out supplemental cleaning services
  2. Give everything a good scrubbing
  3. Give green cleaning practices a go
  4. Invest in your business
  5. Build a true partnership

Read on to learn more about how these cleaning resolutions can help your organization in 2024!


Try out supplemental cleaning services

Even if your building has a dedicated janitorial staff, it might be worth investing in supplemental cleaning services. KleenMark’s supplemental services round out your internal team with our cleaning technicians to help you overcome staffing challenges and make sure your facility is cleaned to the highest standard.

Our cleaning technicians can work directly with your supervisors, or we can provide your entire janitorial team — our Kleen Team is here to create the supplemental cleaning program that works best for you!


Give everything a good scrubbing

When was the last time your office’s bathroom or breakroom had a deep cleaning? Not just a spray of cleaner on the mirrors or wiping down the communal microwave, but a thorough scrubbing of all the nooks and crannies?

If you’re having trouble remembering when, make a cleaning resolution to schedule regular deep cleanings with KleenMark. Our cleaning crews undergo rigorous training to stay up to speed on best cleaning practices and are up to the task of cleaning even the most neglected office spaces.


Give green cleaning practices a go

We’re proud of our approach to environmentally friendly cleaning practices that keep facilities clean without sacrificing the health and safety of your (or our) employees. We use established, proven green-cleaning processes such as spraying cleaning products directly onto reusable cloths, using microfiber mops, and using cold water whenever possible.

Since 2011, we’ve been proud to hold the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association’s [ISSA] “Cleaning Industry Management Standard [CIMS] – Green Building” certification. That means, along with our own green-cleaning processes, we’re trained to help you achieve your environmental goals.


Invest in your business

You get what you pay for, goes the old adage. And if you’re not pleased with your current cleaners, consider partnering with KleenMark to show your office building some well-deserved TLC in the new year. You work hard to make sure your business and employees are successful — your facility deserves the same care and attention.


Build a true partnership

All of these cleaning resolutions are fine and well, but they won’t get you very far without a top-notch cleaning vendor to help you carry them out. KleenMark can do exactly that with our local, expertly-trained cleaning technicians, decades of commercial cleaning experience, and responsive team that can handle any messes the new year throws your way.


Start the new year on the right foot with a fresh and clean workspace and a new partnership with KleenMark. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial cleaning services and how we can help you make (and stick to!) your cleaning resolutions in 2024.

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