3 Services to Get Your Facility Ready for Summer

Help your building shine this season.


One great way to get your facility ready for summer is to give the floors some TLC after a long winter of slush and salt.As the temperatures warm up and the sun starts shining, it’s easy to see how the long winter has worn on your workspace — especially when you’re located in the Midwest, like KleenMark is!


Our team recommends going beyond your typical spring cleaning with a few specific services to help prep your facilities for the coming season. Here are the three cleaning services we recommend investing in so your building can sparkle and shine this summer:


  1. Carpet cleaning
  2. Floor maintenance
  3. Construction cleanup


Read on to learn more about these services and how KleenMark can help get your facility ready for summer!


Carpet cleaning


After months of snow and slush, your carpets are undoubtedly in need of some serious TLC. Dirty carpets with lingering stains and odd odors are more than a little off-putting for employees as well as visitors.


At KleenMark, we take great pride in our carpet cleaning and extraction services. We begin by pretreating carpets to loosen surface-level stains, then use the extractor to do the deep cleaning. We typically recommend doing the extraction in the late afternoon/early evening so we don’t have to worry about customers or employees passing through, and the carpets are fully dry by the next morning.


Floor maintenance


Even if your office doesn’t have carpets or is only partially carpeted, you don’t want to forget your hardwood, linoleum, or tile flooring when you get your facility ready for summer! While hard floors are certainly easier to clean than carpets, we make sure to put just as much care and consideration when treating non-carpeting flooring.


Just as with unkempt carpets, dingy floors communicate the wrong message to employees and visitors. Stripping and waxing your floors is a straightforward way to quickly enhance the look and feel of your entire facility while also saving money in the long run. We have a finely honed five-step method that will keep your floors looking like new for months to come!


Construction cleanup


If you’ve done any construction or renovations on your office space over the winter, the work isn’t finished until the space is cleared of debris and your facility is back in working order. KleenMark specializes in helping businesses and construction firms alike with that final step!


Our crews are ready to handle cleanup projects of all sizes. With a team of more than 800 cleaners around the Midwest, we’re here to make quick work of the toughest jobs. Some of the services we offer with construction cleanup include high-surface cleaning, debris removal, vacuuming, dusting, and more. We also have a dedicated project manager who is familiar with the process and contractor needs.


The options don’t stop here — we have a variety of cleaning services to best suit your organization’s needs and help get your facility ready for summer. Existing customers can contact their account manager today to request more information and schedule one of these services.


If you’re not a KleenMark customer yet, we’d love to work with you! Fill out the request a quote form on our website so we can learn a little bit more about your business and come up with a plan to make sure your facilities stay clean and look great year-round.

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