How to Find the Best School Cleaning Companies in Madison, WI

Make the smart choice for keeping your school clean!


Unlike other school cleaning companies in Madison, WI, KleenMark focuses on putting people first and providing you with consistent communication.­­­When you have a few hundred kids coming and going throughout the day with muddy shoes and sticky hands, things are bound to get messy. Even if your school caters to older students, messes can still happen, so you need a cleaning company that’s up to the challenge!


If you’re searching through school cleaning companies in Madison, WI, looking for the best fit for your educational organization, the Kleen Team is here to help!


Here are a few suggestions from our team on how to find the best cleaning company for your school:




You should feel comfortable and at ease from your first communication with a prospective cleaning company. You shouldn’t have to call multiple times or leave multiple voicemails to get a call back.


At KleenMark, we strive to be timely in our responses and, if there’s an emergency, you’ll have a dedicated staff member to talk with during non-business hours. We also have a tool on our website where you can request a quote — we just need some preliminary information about your facility (industry, size of the building, etc.) so we can get to helping you as quickly as possible.


Supplement your staff


Your school may have a terrific and competent maintenance staff for day-to-day cleaning operations; if that’s the case, KleenMark can supplement its hard work with our deep cleaning services. We’re able to dedicate the time and effort to the tougher jobs that are difficult to include in a daily cleaning schedule, or provide cleaners to round out your regular staff if you just need a little bit more support.


If your school doesn’t have a dedicated full-time janitorial staff, KleenMark can help there too! We can discuss different options to ensure all of your facilities are clean and safe for your students and staff.


People first


Your cleaning service should treat you as a priority, not just another name on a long client list. At KleenMark, we stand out from other school cleaning companies in Madison, WI by taking the time to get to know the relevant staff members and understand your processes, procedures, and needs. Likewise, you’ll have a dedicated point of contact and account manager with KleenMark, who you can call whenever questions or issues arise.


Industry expertise


We understand that you can’t necessarily use the same methods and products in a school gymnasium as in a cafeteria. With over six decades of experience, we have expertise in cleaning and sanitizing all kinds of different school facilities and know how to tailor our cleaning services accordingly.


Green cleaning


Using environmentally friendly cleaning practices isn’t just good for the Earth; it’s good for your students and staff, too! We’ve led the way in green cleaning long before it was a buzzword. You can rest assured all of the methods and products we use with our green cleaning services are safe, clean, and non-toxic.


Hiring a new cleaning service is no small undertaking, and there are many options and factors to consider. At KleenMark, we stand apart from other school cleaning companies in Madison, WI with our industry experience and cleaning options to best suit your facilities’ needs.


To experience the KleenMark difference for yourself, request a quote today or contact our team with any questions!

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