Things to Consider When Looking for Hospital Cleaning Services in Madison, WI

Follow these guidelines to find the best cleaning provider for your organization.


Our Kleen Team provides hospital cleaning services in Madison, WI and beyond.In the healthcare industry, having a clean facility isn’t just about looking professional for visitors and patients — an improperly sanitized exam room can leave patients vulnerable to bacteria and viruses on unclean surfaces and even increase the risk of health complications. Finding hospital cleaning services in Madison, WI, that you trust is a vital step in keeping your facility safe.


A thorough, properly-trained cleaning team is a must in order to ensure the highest levels of safety and hygiene for your patients, staff, and visitors. But how do you know the commercial cleaning company you’re working with has the expertise and training you need to keep everyone who passes through your facility happy and healthy?


If you are looking for reliable and experienced hospital cleaning services in the Madison, WI, area, here are a few important things to consider before hiring.




The commercial cleaning service you work with must be responsive and available. Emergencies in healthcare are often true emergencies and require a rapid response. You want to be assured that your requests will be responded to and fulfilled in a timely manner. With KleenMark, your hospital or healthcare facility will have a dedicated local account manager you can contact should any issues arise outside of your facility’s normal cleaning needs.


Proper certifications & safety training


Your hospital cleaning service should be appropriately certified and trained in the areas relevant to your business, such as sanitization and disease prevention.


KleenMark’s healthcare and hospital cleaning services are backed by 60 years of industry knowledge and innovation. We have a number of third-party certifications related to environmental cleaning standards, overall excellence in cleaning, and, most relevant to healthcare, many of our cleaners are Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) trained. This means they have the knowledge, planning, and processes needed to respond to a biohazard crisis in your healthcare facility.


This type of training is essential to help beat the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases and keep your staff free from other impending illnesses. Read more about our safety certifications here.


Unique needs


Each medical office or hospital has many unique needs, and no two facilities are the same. You deserve a cleaning service provider who understands this! At KleenMark, we make sure that we understand your facility and its particular needs before our team ever comes on-site. We also work to maintain an open dialogue as issues or problems arise; your feedback is vital to a great working relationship. We understand that policies and procedures often change, and we are able to adapt quickly.


As a healthcare provider, you want to go above and beyond to provide your patients with a top-notch experience. At KleenMark, we strive to do the very same for our clients.


To discover the KleenMark difference in hospital cleaning services in Madison, WI and beyond for yourself, check out our healthcare services pagecontact our team with any questions, or request a quote today!

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