4 Must-Know Facts About Our Commercial Cleaning Services

We’re proud to offer commercial cleaning in Madison, WI and beyond!


We’re proud to provide commercial cleaning in Madison, WI, and beyond!When it comes to commercial cleaning services in Madison, WI, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a company with more experience or a better reputation than KleenMark. We make it our mission to go above and beyond for our clients each day.


Here are four must-know facts about the services we’re proud to offer businesses in Madison and throughout Wisconsin.


  1. Keep it Kleen with day porter services
  2. Save time with supplemental cleaning services
  3. We go beyond cleaning
  4. Sixty years of experience


Read on to learn more about these commercial cleaning services and how they can make a difference at your organization!


Keep it Kleen with day porter services


If your organization is heavily trafficked throughout the work day – for instance, a school, commercial office facility, or hospital – you may need additional cleaning beyond just after-hours cleaning. That’s where a day porter comes in — a day porter will clean and disinfect in-between night crew, and make sure everything is running smoothly during the work day.


Day porters are the unsung heroes of the cleaning world, handling high-touchpoint disinfection, restroom checks, and any other unplanned janitorial needs that arise. The evening cleaning crew performs many of the same functions as a day porter, but also includes tasks that could be disruptive during the day (such as vacuuming and mopping). Our day porter services provide many businesses with much-needed daytime coverage to make sure your visitors and clients are welcomed into a clean and comfortable facility.


Save time with supplemental cleaning services


Your facility may already have a janitor on staff, but managing a facility can be a lot for one person to handle, no matter how diligent and dedicated they are. Or perhaps you’re looking to hire more janitorial staff but are having a hard time finding the right candidates. Our commercial cleaning services can complement and supplement your existing staff and work right alongside them to deliver a higher standard of clean! This saves you the time and hassle of having to hire and train your own employees while giving you peace of mind that the job is getting done right.


We go beyond cleaning


At KleenMark, we understand the importance of overall building maintenance and are proud to offer additional specialty services such as ground management, lighting replacements, window cleaning, power washing, carpet extraction, and more. While important, daily cleaning is only part of the equation necessary to ensure a well-maintained business. Read more about our specialty services here.


Sixty years of experience


With six decades of industry experience, we’ve had many opportunities to hone our skills to ensure you get the results and attention you expect. We are proud of the expertise we’re able to offer our clients, while at the same time, we’re always eager to learn about new developments and protocols in cleaning to help us better serve you.


We’ve had the privilege to serve hundreds of clients across the Midwest over the last sixty years, and we’d love the opportunity to add your organization to that list!


To hear from current KleenMark customers and why they love working with our team for their commercial cleaning services in Madison, WI, and beyond, check out our testimonials page.


Our team is also happy to answer any questions you have or talk more about your facility’s unique needs after you submit a quote!

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