Office cleaning basics: What’s a day porter, do I need one?

With customers and employees expecting more frequent office cleaning and disinfecting, the addition of a day porter may be exactly what you need to keep up with those increased demands.

But, what exactly is a day porter? Well, besides having a cool title, day porters are technicians trained to handle an array of cleaning and disinfecting needs when your doors are open. They keep germs at bay in between the thorough nightly cleanings.

Think of a day porter as your first line of defense against daily grime and germs that make their way into your building during the workday. They’ll not only keep critical areas clean; having an office-cleaning expert visible will bring additional peace of mind to your team, customers and clients.

Daytime Disinfection

With a focus on high-touchpoint surfaces (that’s a fancy way of saying “things people touch a lot”), day porters use COVID-19 killing disinfectants to help reduce the spread of germs.

Tackling those germs in the late morning is critical, given that it’s expected most viruses will make their way into a facility by noon during workdays, according to a recent University of Arizona study.

After IDing all high-touchpoint surfaces, porters work through your facility, disinfecting everything from door handles to restrooms multiple times each day.

Everything in Between

Along with office cleaning and disinfecting, porters are well-rounded – the utility player of a cleaning crew. Need them take care of changing of lightbulbs? No problem. If you can think of it, porters probably can do it.

“Most large facilities have at least one day porter,” Staver said. “But, with the increased disinfection needs, we’re finding many facility managers are opting to add a second set of hands – specifically to help with disinfecting frequently touched surfaces.”

A Constant Clean

Remember, disinfecting dirty surfaces simply doesn’t work. Why? Because disinfectant can’t reach the surface (i.e., a light switch) if it’s covered in grime, dust or other microscopic particles you can’t see. It’s critical to keep those surfaces clean so disinfectant can reach – and kill – the germs hiding below that dirt. Check out this article to learn more about how disinfecting works.

That’s why day porters take the time to keep things clean when the larger, nighttime crew is done. From handling spills to emptying trash and spot vacuuming, porters are trained to do it all.

“Day porters bring a level of hospitality and service that give your employees and visitors comfort, knowing you’re taking proactive steps to keep them as safe as possible,” said Mike Staver, KleenMark’s director of operations.



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