Back-to-school: Your COVID-19 cleaning/PPE checklist

After talking with multiple Wisconsin school leaders, we thought you may find it useful to have a list of supplies that districts are using and incorporating into their back-to-school plans.  

These products are available through KleenMark, which is one of the few commercial cleaning companies that runs a full distribution center for top-tier janitorial and building maintenance supplies. 

Your back-to-school list: 

Cleaners, disinfectants and applicators

Hand Sanitizer (80% alcohol) or 70% Gel Hand Sanitizer
Disinfecting wipes
Foam hand soap – green certified. Lasts 3x longer than liquid soap.
□ EPA-approved disinfectants certified to kill COVID-19  
□ Oxivir wipes and Oxivir Five 16 concentrate
Virex Tb 
Virex II 256 
Alpha-HP Disinfectant
Microfiber cloths
Electrostatic sprayers 

Personal protective equipment 

□ Face shields
□ Cloth gowns (similar to what nurses wear)
□ Nitrile gloves
□ Reusable face masks (adult and child size)
□ Disposable face masks

Find necessary personal protective equipment in our online shop.

Signage, dispensers and general supplies 

□ Touchless infrared thermometers
□ Standard signage to mark 6-feet separation and distancing
□ Floor markings (tiled floor & carpet) for 6-foot separation distancing
Touchless hand sanitizer-stands with dispensers
Touchless paper towel dispensers and refills
Touchless soap dispensers and refills 
Paper towels and wipes
□ Touchless garbage cans

Need help understanding what’s right for your school or want to place an order? Contact Doug Lerch at


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