Construction Cleanup Services: What Happens During a KleenMark Cleanup?

Get the inside scoop on our construction cleanup services here.

Our construction cleanup services are just one of the ways we can support your business as it grows.Expanding, renovating, or otherwise updating your office or facility can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. And just because construction is complete doesn’t mean the job is done! Construction cleanup is a vital final step in the process to ensure your project is “show-ready” for your staff or customers.

If this is your first time scheduling construction cleanup services, the Kleen Team is here to answer any of your questions and get your building in tip-top shape for employees and visitors. Let’s dive right in!


Debriefing the space

Once the contractor and construction crew have finished their work, one of KleenMark’s expertly trained project managers will “debrief” and assess the space to identify exactly what our cleaning crews need to accomplish to get your facility ready for business. This will ensure we’re only performing tasks necessary to your business’ smooth operation.

We will review our plans and processes with the pertinent members of your staff so you’re looped in from start to finish. Project managers are essential for keeping construction cleanups on task and prepared for any last inspections.


Debris removal

Our team will see that any leftover construction debris is cleared out and properly disposed of. Leftover construction material oftentimes cannot be dumped at a landfill, and our crews are well-versed in the proper protocols and regulations regarding these materials. If materials aren’t properly disposed of, that can mean fines and other headaches for your business.


High surface & deep cleaning

The dust and refuse left behind during construction can be major irritants to the throat and eyes. Our team will make sure every surface, especially those higher or more challenging to reach, like ceilings, is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We even use scissor lifts to get to those higher surfaces and make sure no spot goes uncleaned!


Vacuuming, dusting & floor cleaning

The final step is a rigorous vacuuming and/or floor cleaning, depending on your type of flooring, as well as one last dusting of all surfaces. Once we’ve completed our work, we guarantee your office’s new addition or revamped space will truly shine!

Our crews clean millions of square feet each day, so we have the skills needed to clean up after construction and every day after that.


Our construction cleanup services are just the tip of the iceberg of what we can provide your organization – visit our Construction Cleaning Services page to learn more, or request a quote so we can get started on your next project!

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