Question: It’s more common than not for our construction cleanup projects to miss deadline, which can affect the opening of a facility. How can I assure that doesn’t happen?

Mike Staver, KleenMark’s vice president of operations

This may be my shortest answer ever. It comes down this: Make sure your cleaning company has a dedicated project manager.

Like every other aspect of your construction project, effectively manage your cleanup to make sure you hit deadlines. At KleenMark, we have a dedicated project manager who specializes in construction cleanups, because we’ve seen what happens without one.

A project manager understands the sequence of events and guarantees the right parts of a facility are cleaned at the right time. For instance, you don’t want the sinks cleaned until an inspector tests the water. And if the HVAC hasn’t been commissioned, you’re going to have to go back and clean the dust it blew everywhere once it was turned on.

Those are only a couple of examples. Our project managers “talk the talk” as well. They attend contractor meetings to clearly understand project delays, new needs, etc., that impact work.

Ultimately, with a specialized project manager you don’t have to worry if the building is going to be cleaned to your standards. It’s out of mind and that’s value in itself. Check out this article to better understand how trained crews also save you time and money.

About this series: In the Cleaner’s Corner, our experts address questions we receive in the field. Our goal is to provide straightforward, practical tips and advice you can use.

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