FAQs About Our Green Office Cleaning Services in Madison, WI

Get the facts about introducing green cleaning in your workplace.

Our green office cleaning services for Madison, WI, businesses can help keep your staff healthy and save money. “Green” is a buzzword used often to describe anything that claims to be environmentally friendly. But when it comes to cleaning, KleenMark has been “green” long before it was popular!

We know how important it is to use earth-friendly products and methods for the health and safety of our clients as well as our employees.

Here are some commonly asked questions about the green office cleaning services we offer businesses in Madison, WI, and beyond.


Q: What is green cleaning?

A: There’s no universal definition of “green” cleaning, but for us, it means providing eco-friendly, sustainable cleaning services that are both safe and effective. We use established, proven green-cleaning processes such as spraying cleaning products directly onto reusable cloths, using microfiber mops, and using cold water whenever possible.


Q: What green cleaning certifications does KleenMark have?

A: Since 2011, we’ve been proud to hold the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association’s (ISSA) “Cleaning Industry Management Standard – Green Building” certification. That means, along with our own green-cleaning processes, we’re trained to help you achieve your environmental goals. Nearly 20 years ago, we launched the KleenMark Greenway initiative, a strategic decision that means every KleenMark product and method is environmentally sound. This gives our clients and staff confidence in the safety of the work we do.


Q: What benefits does green cleaning provide my office?

A: Employing green office cleaning practices at your Madison, WI, business is a strong signal to your company’s employees and clients that their health is important and that you have an eye toward the future. The decisions we make and actions we take today have a long-lasting effect on our earth. Nearly every Fortune 500 company reports on its own sustainability efforts, and they look to their suppliers and partners to consider their own environmental impacts as well.


Q: What kind of chemicals does KleenMark use in their green cleaning?


A: Most of the products we use have a Green Seal® or EcoLogo® certification; these products are verified for reduced environmental impact and meet the highest benchmark of health and environmental leadership. We also use energy-efficient equipment whenever possible.


Q: Can green cleaning save my company money?

A: Many people mistakenly believe that going green means spending more green, but quite the opposite — eco-friendly cleaning products are often less expensive. Additionally, the nontoxic chemicals in these products can better protect surfaces from wear and tear. Our energy-efficient equipment requires less energy, and we use cold water wherever possible. All of this translates into savings for your company!

At KleenMark, we walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to environmentally friendly cleaning practices.

If you’re interested in green office cleaning services in Madison, WI, or elsewhere in the state, let’s connect! You can contact our team with any questions you have or request a quote to learn the impact KleenMark can make for your organization.


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