5 Essential Cleaning Services for Back to School

Learn what sets our services apart from other school cleaning companies in Madison, WI.


There may be other school cleaning companies in Madison, WI, but none of them can provide service quite like KleenMark.For school administrators, teachers and anyone who works in education, summer break never seems like enough time to close out one school year and gear up for another.

While we can’t write lesson plans and grade exams for you, we can help your facility get back into A+ shape for the fall. With less daily foot traffic, summer is the ideal time for cleaning services that aren’t always possible during the busy hustle and bustle of the school year.

Here are five of the essential cleaning services we recommend for educational facilities to get ready for the new school year:

  1. Floor care
  2. High-touch surface cleaning
  3. Bathroom cleaning
  4. High surface cleaning
  5. Supplemental staffing

Read on to learn more about these services we can provide with a level of service other school cleaning companies in Madison, WI, can’t match!


Floor care

Of all the surfaces in your school building, floors are by far the most used by students and staff coming and going. Summer break is a great opportunity to give them some much-needed TLC. Whether your school has linoleum, hardwood, carpeted flooring, or a mix of all three, we have the expertise to properly clean and care for each kind.


High-touch surface cleaning

We recommend high-touch surface cleaning throughout the year, and often incorporate it in our daily cleaning protocols, but back to school is a great time to start. With so many students and visitors coming and going each day, a school has many more “high touch areas” than a typical office building — interior and exterior door handles, railings, shared computers, desks, chairs, the list goes on. Our team can make sure these areas are cleaned rigorously and frequently so your staff, students, and visitors stay healthy and happy!

Learn more about the ways the school cleaning services we provide differ from those we offer to office buildings here.


Bathroom cleaning

If there’s one area that could use a deep, thorough clean over the summer break, it’s likely the bathrooms and locker rooms at your school. With more time and less daily use, our team can devote resources to making your bathroom facilities sparkling clean for that first day back.


High surface cleaning

Many schools have difficult-to-reach areas, such as the ceilings in the gymnasium or auditorium, that can collect dust and debris throughout the school year. Summer break is the perfect time to tackle those tough areas!


Supplemental staffing

It seems like there’s never been a more difficult time to find and retain cleaning staff than in the last few years. If your school or educational organization has an internal janitorial staff that needs a bit of support, KleenMark can help! We offer supplemental staffing services where we find, hire, train, and manage a cleaning team that can round out the work your internal team does. That means you can spend less time trying to find new janitors and more time enjoying the sparkling clean atmosphere our teams create together.

KleenMark is a trusted cleaning partner to elementary schools all the way up through large universities, and we have the expertise it takes to meet your facilities’ unique cleaning needs.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your school’s needs and share more about what sets KleenMark apart from other school cleaning companies in Madison, WI. Request a quote today or learn more about how we support educational organizations like yours here.

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