KleenMark Employee Testimonials: Luisa Realpe

In this KleenMark employee testimonial, Recruiting Assistant Luisa Realpe talks about her journey from cleaning technician to the HR office and why she loves being part of the Kleen Team.

How long have you been working at KleenMark?
I have been working at kleenMark for two years.

Where did you work prior to joining KleenMark?
I worked as a manager at McDonald’s; I oversaw the morning group in one of the stores with the most sales in the city.

Why did you choose to work at KleenMark?
I chose to work at KleenMark because it represented a perfect fit for my skills, values, and career aspirations, offering an environment where I can continue to learn, grow, and excel in my field.

Before becoming a recruiter, I worked as a cleaning technician and heard about KleenMark’s excellence. Working here just confirmed it and made me want to aspire for more.

What is your favorite thing about working at KleenMark?
My favorite thing about KleenMark is that I see a clear path for advancement and learning.

How does KleenMark help support your career development?

KleenMark promotes from within whenever possible, and I’m so grateful for the trust and confidence that the leadership team has shown in me. Being promoted to recruiter has been a career milestone that I’m incredibly proud of. It has allowed me to take on more significant responsibilities and contribute to our department’s success.

Something that has also contributed to the development of my career has been the regular performance reviews, where they provide me feedback on strengths and areas for improvement. That helps me develop my goals and provides me with opportunities for skill improvement.

Over the years, I’ve experienced personal and professional growth. My experiences here have not only shaped my professional life but have also allowed me to form lasting friendships and connections.

What makes working at KleenMark special?
My favorite thing is the positive work environment that makes me feel comfortable and happy.

Describe working at KleenMark in one word.

What is your Kleen Dream?
I am deeply passionate about pursuing a fulfilling and impactful career within the field of recruitment and human resources. My dream is to grow and make a meaningful contribution.

In the short term, I would like to develop strong expertise in various recruitment strategies, including sourcing, interviewing, and candidate assessment. Also, I would like to deepen my understanding of HR fundamentals, including talent acquisition, employee relations, and HR compliance.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Outside of my professional life, I have a diverse range of interests and activities that allow me to unwind, explore my passions, and recharge.
I relish spending weekends hiking and exploring the great outdoors.
Music has a special place in my heart. I attend concerts and live performances whenever I can, I love to dance, and I also enjoy playing the acoustic guitar.

Likewise, spending quality time with friends, whether it’s a cozy movie night at home, a weekend getaway with loved ones, or simply sharing laughter over a meal. They keep me energized and motivated for new challenges in both my personal and work life.

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