Why You Need a Cleaning Company That Has Dedicated Recruiters

If you’re looking to hire a new cleaning company, one thing is certainly top of mind: Can they adequately and consistently staff your facility? 

While a variety of factors come into play, we recommend you ask potential cleaning partners if they have a dedicated, in-house recruitment team.  

“Having a recruitment team on staff is essential for meeting client needs and ensuring we have the right people ready to go at a moment’s notice,” said Sarita Mannigel, KleenMark’s director of human resources. “Cleaning companies need to be agile and able to grow with their clients. That’s what a top-tier recruiting team brings to the table and why it’s essential in today’s environment.” 

When asking about a cleaning company’s recruiting and staffing capabilities, focus on these areas. KleenMark has found each to be essential as they’ve built out one of the premier recruiting models in the industry. 

Recruiting Process 

Ask what they’re doing to actively recruit great cleaners and how they attract people to the organization. At KleenMark, the focus is on finding people who align with its values and who are looking for a job that’s flexible but also can lead to a career advancement. 

When a cleaning company has an effective process they can move people through the hiring cycle faster. Applications, interviews and background checks are completed quickly and with a thoroughness that ensures they meet your organization’s needs.  

Additionally, as part of the process ask what type of outreach they do. Are they advertising? Are recruiters actively in the field? If they have a good in-house team like KleenMark, the answer should always be “yes”. 

Industry Focused 

A good in-house recruiting team will have specialized members who can find people who meet the needs of specific industries such as healthcare and education. This is critical because each has its own nuanced requirements. 

At KleenMark, for instance, our medical team knows the training, certifications and background requirements necessary for cleaners to work in a healthcare facility. 

“This is significant,” Mannigel said. “Every industry requires different things and a good recruitment team knows what to look for. That leads to higher staff retention and the type of consistent results our clients demand – and that we expect.” 

Additionally, to ensure we meet industry standards, we use third-party auditing and participate in certification programs that hold our cleaners and teams accountable. For instance, we’re Academy of Cleaning (ACE), GBAC and CIMS certified.


This isn’t a luxury. It’s a requirement to have a recruiting team that’s bilingual. At KleenMark, much of the recruiting team is fluent in English and Spanish. That allows teams to easily communicate with applicants and also leads to higher success rates when hiring.  

Having recruiters who speak multiple languages isn’t only necessary. It’s the right thing to do. New employees and candidates immediately see their culture is valued and that they’re part of a welcoming team. That creates a good work environment and contributes to better results and improved retention rates. 

So why’s all this matter, again? 

With an in-house recruiting team, you know your cleaning company is better prepared to staff the right people in your facility. They know the industry. They know the nuances. And they know the process.  

For you, that means your building is consistently cleaned day in and day out because “no-shows” and staff shortages are nearly non-existent. At KleenMark, recruitment has been a priority for decades and it’s why today they have some of the highest retention rates in the industry.  

If you want to know more about our recruiting and staffing process, send us a note.  

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