The 2017 KleenMark Employee Appreciation Picnic: Food, Fun, and Family!

BELOW: The 2017 KleenMark Employee Picnic Our goal is to make sure every person on the KleenMark team feels appreciated each day they come to work with us. But, once a summer we love to do something special to show them (and their families) how much everyone at KleenMark appreciates their hard work! So, that’s […]

THANK YOU EMPLOYEES! The 2016 KleenMark Employee Picnic [VIDEO]

2016 KleenMark Employee Picnic Video

BELOW: The 2016 KleenMark Employee Picnic In 2016 KleenMark is celebrating our 60th(!) Anniversary. There are a lot of reasons we’ve been able to stick around for so long, but, without a doubt one of the biggest is the dedication of our employees. So, to celebrate and thank the people who continue to make KleenMark […]