How does a Family Business Survive? KleenMark CEO in Contracting Profits Magazine

“How does a Family Business Survive?” That was the question asked of KleenMark’s President and CEO, Scott Stevenson, in the most recent issue of Contracting Profits Magazine. [blockquote cite=”Scott Stevenson” type=”left”]Our commitment to succession planning, open communications and consensus on long-term goals has allowed the company, and my family, to thrive.[/blockquote] See the rest of […]

Succession Planning in In Business Magazine

As quoted in the December 2006 issue of In Business Madison about succession planning in a family business: [blockquote cite=”In Business Magazine, December 2006″ type=”left”]”Scott Stevenson, President and CEO of Kleenmark, is currently working on a plan, and though not yet in writing, he’s already involving his two young daughters in the business. His three-year-old, Emma, […]