LINK: Is day cleaning right for your office?

Cleaning has traditionally been a night-time only task for most of our clients. In the last few years however, more and more companies are looking to day cleaning as a way to reduce cleaning costs.
In this great article from CleanLink about day cleaning, you can read about who has been making the switch to away from night cleaning and some of the other unexpected benefits of the change you might not have seen coming.

Janitor’s Daytime Hours Are Picking Up [CleanLink]

If you’re interested in learning more about day cleaning, talk to your account manager, give KleenMark a call at 800-422-5159 or tell us more about your building online.

A ‘Green Office’ is About the Environment, Worker Health, Company Profits

Creating a green office could help create a green byproduct for companies – more money.
Building an environmentally friendly workplace results in two winners:

  • Workers, who are healthier and happier;
  • The company, which sees increased profits because fewer sick days are taken and workers are more productive.

A greener, more energy efficient workspace also means money saved on reduced electricity and water consumption.
“Productivity is the biggest payoff, but because there isn’t a lot of hard data to document this, people often discount these claims as anecdotal,” said Joe Ring of Park Towne Corporation at 402 Gammon Place, Madison.

“Some businesses have reported increased productivity, fewer work days missed, and less turnover after moving into a green building. The most expensive cost for any company is salaries. If productivity is increased by just one percent, that’s a big savings for many companies.”

To learn more about the benefits of creating a green office, finish reading the rest of the article on

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