Tennant T500 / T500e: Everything You Need to Know (+ Pricing!)

The Tennant T500 walk-behind floor scrubber will clean virtually any hard floor surface condition while automatically refilling its tank and batteries.

Yes. You read that right.
The new T500/T500e is not only one of the best performing walk-behind floor scrubbers on the market, but thanks to the exclusive, Smart-Fill™ automatic battery watering and solution tank auto-fill system, using the T500 / T500e is a nearly maintenance free experience for you and your team.

Looking for T500/ T500e Pricing or Demo?

We’re not allowed to publish our special, preferred distributor pricing on the internet so call Doug Lerch at 608-443-0168 (M-F, 8AM – 5PM) or email him at dlerch@kleenmark.com to get a quote or set-up a demo.
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Table of Contents:

Using the Tennant T500 is like going from your VCR to a DVR

Do you remember what the experience was like if wanted to record something on TV in 1992?
First you had pull out the blank VHS tape, then you had to remember how to record something, and most annoyingly, unless you had the SUPER expensive VCR with a clock (that you probably had to reset), you had to actually be there to press record when the show and then turn it off when you were done!
Sure, it worked, but it was such a PITA that you probably only recorded something when you REALLY had to.

Kind of like watering the flooded batteries in your auto scrubber today.
Yeah, the process isn’t that hard, but between monitoring, checking, opening and filling your flooded batteries, we know easy it is to put the whole process off.
And like all those amazing games you didn’t record because the VCR was annoying, how many times have your batteries come up dry just before you finish cleaning because you waited to long to check on them (are you actually checking them monthly..)?

But now, flash forward to 2017 and the wonderful DVR.
Want to record a show? Just press a button. Want to record an entire series of shows, automatically…just press a button.
And you don’t even need to be there! How many big games do you think get missed now? None! Because the whole process is so easy.
And that’s what’s so great about the new Smart-Fill Automatic Battery Watering Technology available on the T500.

Just like your DVR make recording easy and your cable subscription better, Smart-Fill and tank auto-fill:

  • Reduces the time you or someone on your team needs to spend trying to accurately fill the solution tank. With auto-fill and water level monitor, your tank will automatically be filled to capacity and shuts-off automatically. Available on T500 only.
  • Prevents your operators from using scrubbing functions on dry batteries. Plus, they’ll get a notification when the distilled water tank is low.
  • Is the first on-board battery watering system that automatically fills batteries correctly, at the best time in the charging cycle and with minimal human intervention, making battery maintenance easy and virtually worry-free.
  • Make battery maintenance safer by removing the task of checking, opening, and filling flooded batteries.

And that’s just beginning of what makes the T500 such an upgrade over the T5.

Key features of the T500 / T500e:

*Call Doug Lerch at 608-443-0168 to demo the T500/E at our offices in Madison. Or we can bring the demo to your facility (limited to SE Wisconsin)!

  • Solution Tank auto-fill with water level monitor means you just hook up your hose and go.
  • On-board tank spray nozzle makes cleaning the recovery tank easy and provides remotes access to water wherever you go.
  • Perfect for extreme environments, the T500 can effectively clean virtually any hard floor surface condition via 170 lb / 77 kg (one of the highest orbital standard down pressure settings available).
  • ec-H20 NanoClean® technology enables detergent-free cleaning and reduces water use.
  • Set-up custom cleaning settings for your team in different areas of your building with programmable Zone Settings, custom labels, and the optional IRIS® Asset Manager
  • Clean during the day without disrupting your operations thanks to the 62dBA Quiet-Mode™low dBA setting.

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Product Specs

Productivity (per hour) Theoretical Max 28,000 to 35,200 sq. ft/hr depending on cleaning head type / size
Estimated Coverage – Conventional 20,571 to 25,714 sq. ft/hr depending on cleaning head type / size
Estimated Coverage – ec-H2O NanoClean® 21,527 to 27,323 sq. ft/hr depending on cleaning head type / size
Brush Drive System
Scrub Motor
26-32 in / 650-800 mm Disk 2x 24 VDC, 0.75 hp / 0.55 Kw
28 in / 700 mm Cylindrical 2x 24 VDC, 0.63 hp / 0.47 kW
Brush Pad RPM
26 – 32 in / 650-800 mm Disk 220 RPM
28 in / 700 mm Cylindrical 1500 RPM
28 in / 700 mm Orbital 2200 RPM
Brush Down Pressure
26 – 32 in / 650-800 mm Disk
28 in / 700 mm Cylindrical
low: 40 lbs / 18 kg;
med: 80 lbs / 36 kg;
high: 120 lbs / 54.5 kg
28 in / 700 mm Orbital low: 110 lbs / 50 kg;
med: 140 lbs / 63.5 kg;
high: 170 lbs / 77 kg
Solution/Recovery System
Solution Tank Capacity 22.5 gal / 85 L
Recovery Tank Capacity 27 gal / 102 L
Power Rating 700 W
Vacuum Motor 24 VDC, 0.63 hp / 0.47 kW
46 in / 1170 mm
Vacuum water lift – Quiet-Mode™ 32 in / 810 mm
Cleaning Technology
Conventional Standard
ec-H20 NanoClean Optional
Severe Environment™ Optional*
(*only with ec-H2O NanoClean)
Severe Environment Detergent Tank Capacity 0.66 gal / 2.5 L
System Voltage 24 Volt
Battery Types
(4 Required)
Wet 225AH (Standard)
Wet 260AH (Optional)
Sealed AGM 220AH (Optional)
Battery Run-Time – WET 260AH** up to 4.9 – 5.9 Hours (depending on cleaning head type)
On-board or off-board charger Standard
Smart-Fill™ Automatic Battery Watering Tank Capacity (Optional) 0.66 gal / 2.5 L
Scrubbing Speed 2.3-2.5 mph / 3.7-4.0 kph
Transport Speed 2.7 mph / 4.3 kph
Machine Specifications
26 in / 650 mm Disk
Dimensions (LxWxH) 58.5 in x 27.5 in x 43.3 in
1486 mm x 700 mm x 1100 mm
Squeegee Width 38.3 in / 973 mm
Aisle Turnaround Width 59 in / 1499 mm
Weight 320 lb / 145 kg (w/o Batteries)
610 lb / 277 kg (w/ Batteries)
800 lb / 363 kg (GVW)
Sound Level
(Operator’s Ear)***
(Operator’s Ear)***
28 in / 700 mm Disk
Dimensions (LxWxH) 59.1 in x 29.5 in x 43.3 in
1501 mm x 750 mm x 1100 mm
Squeegee Width 41.3 in / 1049 mm
Aisle Turnaround Width 59.6 in / 1514 mm
Weight 330 lb / 150 kg (w/o Batteries)
620 lb / 281 kg (w/ Batteries)
810 lb / 367 kg (GVW)
Sound Level
(Operator’s Ear)***
(Operator’s Ear)***
32 in / 800 mm Disk
Dimensions (LxWxH) 61.1 in x 33.5 in x 43.3 in
1552 mm x 850 mm x 1100 mm
Squeegee Width 46.6 in / 1234 mm
Aisle Turnaround Width 61.6 in / 1565 mm
Weight 355 lb / 161 kg (w/o Batteries)
645 lb / 293 kg (w/ Batteries)
835 lb / 379 kg (GVW)
Sound Level
(Operator’s Ear)***
(Operator’s Ear)***
28 in / 700 mm Cylindrical
Dimensions (LxWxH) 59.1 in x 30.7 in x 43.3 in
1501 mm x 780 mm x 1100 mm
Squeegee Width 46.6 in / 1234 mm
Aisle Turnaround Width 59.6 in / 1514 mm
Weight 370 lb / 168 kg (w/o Batteries)
660 lb / 299 kg (w/ Batteries)
850 lb / 386 Kg (GVW)
Sound Level
(Operator’s Ear)***
(Operator’s Ear)***
28 in / 700 mm Orbital
Dimensions (LxWxH) 58.5 in x 28.0 in x 43.3 in
1486 mm x 710 mm x 1100 mm
Squeegee Width 41.3 in / 1049 mm
Aisle Turnaround Width 59 in / 1499 mm
Weight 370 lb / 168 kg (w/o Batteries)
660 lb / 299 kg (w/ Batteries)
850 lb / 386 Kg (GVW)
Sound Level
(Operator’s Ear)***
(Operator’s Ear)***

*Estimated coverage rates use the practical speed and empty/fill time standards from the 2004 ISSA Cleaning Times handbook.
**Up to run-times are based on continuous scrubbing run-times, 260AH batteries, Quiet-Mode setting, low down pressure, ec-H2O off.
***Sound levels per ISO 11201 as recommended by the American Association of Cleaning Equipment manufacturers & OSHA.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

T500 FAQ

How much does the T500/T500E Cost?

We can’t list the price on this website, but as with any large walk-behind scrubber, it is something you may want to budget for. However, give us a call to learn more about how we can help you plan for and get approval for the T500 in your budget. And, when you are ready to purchase a T500, KleenMark is proud to offer the T500 at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere in Wisconsin because of our buying power with Tennant.

What are some common uses for the T500?

The T500 is the perfect machine to clean large areas of just about any hard surface flooring such as Uneven and Textured Floors, Grouted Ceramic and Porcelain Tile, VCT, Polished Stone, Marmoleum, or Teknoflor® to name a few. It is especially valuable when you have multiple hard surface types due to its ability to quickly switch between different zones.

Who is already using the T500?

Markets that have had already had amazing success with the T500 include Education, Healthcare, Retail, Airports / Transit, Hospitality, Building Service Contractors (like KleenMark!), Public Venues, and Commercial Property.

How do you operate the T500?

Here’s a video from our friends at Tennant that explains all about how to operate the T500!

If my machine has a service issue, where do I get it fixed?

The T500 has been re-engineered to be extremely robust…but…any machine that gets put to good use will have mechanical wear-and-tear. The good news is that you can work with any of the 450+ Tennant service centers worldwide to get your T500 back up and running fast. Plus, if you’re in Wisconsin you can bring it directly to KleenMark and our own in-house Tennant service center!

How long do they last?

You can expect to get an estimated 4 to 4.9 hours of runtime depending on model and usage (NOTE: These estimates are based on continuous scrubbing run times, 260AH batteries, low down pressure, and ec-H2O off).
T500 Orbital is great for VCT!

Are there multiple pads, brushes, and collars available to match my surface type / cleaning need?

Yes! Just like your favorite walk-behind scrubber, the T500 has all the pads and brushes you need to clean a variety of floor types, soil, and cleaning condition.
T500 Disk Scrubber

Can I demo the T500/E?

Yes! Just call Doug Lerch at 608-443-0168 to set-up a free demo. You can come to the KleenMark offices at 1206 Ann Street, Madison, WI 53713 or we’ll come to you (limited to SE Wisconsin)!

When is the new T500/E available?

Right now!

Want pricing or more information about the T500/E?

We’ll send some straight to your inbox. Just enter your email below so we know where to send your T500 brochure…
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*No SPAM. That’s our promise to you.*

KleenMark and Tennant: Dedicated to creating a cleaner, safer, healthier world.

Did you know that in addition to providing some of the best cleaning services in WI, KleenMark is also a leading distributor of janitorial equipment and supplies?
That’s right! In fact, that’s actually how our business was started.
And today we’re excited to let you know about one of our favorite partners, Tennant.

Who is Tennant?

Tennant Company is a recognized leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that help create a cleaner, safer, healthier world. They are leading the way in sustainable cleaning innovation with world-class equipment used to maintain indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Tennant: Dedicated to creating a cleaner, safer, healthier world since 1870.

You can find great products from Tennant Company under the Tennant®, Tennant Coatings, Nobles®, Orbio® and Alfa brands. Plus, they are an authorized master distributor of Green Machines™ brand of outdoor cleaning products.

How do we utilize Tennant in your buildings?

In many of our larger accounts we use Tennant Walk-Behind Scrubbers such as the T300 to effectively (and efficiently) thousands of sq. ft. of flooring…often without chemicals using their ec-H2O NanoClean Technology.
Tennant T300 - Nobles SS300 Family
These machines are incredibly easy to use and maintain so they are definitely some of our favorite pieces of equipment. We can’t afford to have a lot of downtime and these things don’t disappoint.
Another piece we love is the T1 Walk Behind Micro Scrubber. Available in corded and cord-free models this thing goes just about anywhere. Plus, rated at 68dBA it is quiet enough to run during the day.

Tennant T1 Walk Behind Scrubber

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