The i-mop XL Plus: An auto scrubber built to go where others can’t

In the wake of COVID-19, the janitorial process is becoming more complicated than ever – but facilities can streamline their methods by opting to use more versatile and efficient equipment, like the new and improved i-mop XL Plus.

Think about the classic mop-and-bucket: portable, though sometimes messy and unhygienic. Or the modern auto scrubber: powerful, but heavy and clunky at times. What if you could eliminate the flaws of those tried-and-true tools, while combining them to synthesize their strengths? Don’t worry, this isn’t a gimmick.

It’s possible to find that perfect blend of performance and maneuverability with the i-mop XL Plus: an ergonomically-designed cleaning machine with the versatility for any job. Along with fitting into tight spaces, the i-mop XL Plus is the only auto scrubber capable of cleaning directly next to a wall. All other auto scrubbers can only get within 2-3 inches.

Melding the professional power of an auto scrubber with the agility of a mop, the i-mop XL Plus helps protect the health of the people who use your facility, whether it be students, healthcare staff or office employees.

The new i-mop XL Plus features improvements from the original model, including:

  • An electronic angle switch to protect the motor from flooding. The switch automatically deactivates the motor if operated below a 32-degree angle.
  • A new filter system within the recovery tank. A floating ball in the filtration element will rise when the tank is full, closing the tank and preventing water from overflowing.
  • A new PLUS charger with the power to revive batteries that have drained below 18 volts to 16 volts.
  • The option to raise the scrub deck into park position automatically shuts off the tool’s battery to prevent drainage and optimize battery life.
  • Brushes no longer rotate in park position to help reduce splashing.

The classic, fundamental features of the i-mop model continue to make it a trusted tool for pros. Those features include:

  • Intuitive controls that make operation simple and easy.
  • 360-degree steering capability that enables you to reach tight corners and critical, obstructed spaces.
  • Color-coded, detachable tanks keep multiple cleaning solutions accessible and organized.
  • A full range of pads and counter-rotating bristles can tackle a variety of floor and soil types.
  • Fluid Control technologies conserve water and ensure efficient use of solution, maximizing utility.
  • Two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries enable continuous run time.
  • Quick-drying technology reduces slip-and-fall hazards.

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COVID-19 office cleaning: Specialized services and products

When it comes to keeping your facility clean and disinfected, your top priority is reducing the risk of COVID-19 for employees and visitors. 

At KleenMark, we offer services and products tailored to your current needs. Our chemical, product and operations experts have been in the trenches since day one, testing and researching the emerging and evidence-based technologies and chemicals to ensure each offering meets our standards. 

Below is a snapshot of our services and products available to help you navigate COVID-19.  

Day Porter Support

Day Porter Support

With an increased need to keep surfaces clean and disinfected, day porters provide the first line of defense against daily grime and germs, such as COVID-19.

  • KleenMark’s cleaning technicians are specially trained to provide high-touchpoint disinfection services.
  • An additional resource ensures your facility is disinfected at the proper frequency, when employees and visitors are present.
  • Program can be fully customized to meet your daytime cleaning and disinfection needs.

Touchpoint Disinfection

Keeping surfaces clean and disinfected is a primary focus as employees and visitors return to your facilities. KleenMark offers a range of options that can be customized to your needs.

  • More frequent disinfection of high-touchpoint surfaces such as door handles and light switches.
  • Enhanced disinfection services for common areas such as break rooms, conference rooms and cafeterias.
  • Customized programs to ensure items such as electronics and desks are disinfected at a cadence that meets your specific requirements.

Deep Disinfection Following a COVID-19 Infection

A confirmed case of COVID-19 can bring your operations to a halt. KleenMark has specially trained staff, processes and equipment to deliver a total disinfection of your space. Peace-of-mind guaranteed.

  • Third-party trained COVID-19 disinfection teams.
  • Rapid response.
  • Specially trained in application processes, including the use of electrostatic sprayers designed to ensure disinfectants are applied evenly and effectively.

Products + Equipment

Does your team need access to sprayers, sanitizers and disinfectants capable of killing COVID-19? We’ve got you covered. Visit for a full line of products.

Long-term bio protection: Does it shield against COVID-19?

Since COVID-19 hit, we’ve seen everything from “miracle” cleaners to practical, evidence-based processes and chemicals proven to kill the virus. Most notable is a group of products categorized as providing long-term bio protection, which has received a ton of hype. 

But is that hype warranted? Spoiler alert: No. But before we go deeper, let’s align on how long-term bio protection is defined. 

Long-term bio protection, at this moment, means a chemical can prevent bacteria and fungi from living on a surface for an extended period.  

The concept is simple: Rather than applying a disinfectant after each time a surface is touched, a long-term bio protectant is positioned as a solution that only needs to be applied occasionally. It then acts as a “shield” against certain microscopic bacteria. 

But, here’s the catch: Long-term bio protection doesn’t protect against COVID-19. It’s being positioned that way, but the science doesn’t align.  

For multiple reasons, including its inability to prevent COVID-19 from surviving, we do not condone the use of long-term bio protectants when defending against the virus at this time. 

Long-term bio protectants 

What they do: 

  • Provide a microbiostatic agent that create an invisible “shield” to protect surfaces from bacteria and fungus that can corrode or damage material. 
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae.
  • Prevents bacteria from staining or discoloring surfaces.
  • Prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing. 
  • Approved only for residential.

What they don’t do:

  • Kill or prevent COVID-19 on surfaces. 

What the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says:

  • Long-term bio protectants are not proven to kill COVID-19. 
  • They are not listed on the EPA’s “N” list, which provides disinfectants proven to kill COVID-19. 
  • No timeframe for how long the bio protectants last is listed. 

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