Getting to Know: Trina Keller, VP of Finance

Getting to know Trina Keller, KleenMark VP of Finance

“Getting to Know” is a series that tells the story of the talented people who make up the KleenMark team. Today we’re getting to know Trina Keller who is the Vice President of Finance for KleenMark. She combines her experience working with everyone from start-ups to one of the best CPA firms in the world […]

Spring Operations Meeting Recap

Scott Stevenson at KleenMark Ops Meeting

Madison, WI – This past quarter at KleenMark has been one of the biggest growth periods in our company’s history. With several large new accounts starting up all over Wisconsin and the Midwest, this year’s Spring Ops Meeting was all about managing growth without losing sight of what really matter’s to our customers. Meeting Highlights Scott […]

LINK: Is day cleaning right for your office?

Cleaning has traditionally been a night-time only task for most of our clients. In the last few years however, more and more companies are looking to day cleaning as a way to reduce cleaning costs. In this great article from CleanLink about day cleaning, you can read about who has been making the switch to […]