KleenMark Day of Service Spring 2016 at Easter Seals Camp Wawbeek

Using spring cleaning to create lifetime memories at Easter Seals Camp Wawbeek

KleenMark Day of Service Spring 2016 at Easter Seals Camp Wawbeek
On Mother’s Day weekend, 7 people from the KleenMark team traveled up to Wisconsin Dells and they weren’t there to visit a waterpark. Instead, our team was on a mission to do some spring cleaning at Easter Seals Camp Wawbeek.
If you’re not familiar with Easter Seals, they’re an organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities overcome obstacles to independence and to reach their personal goals. Every day their programs help children, adults, and their caregivers with everything from in-home therapy to job-services.
Here in Wisconsin, one of their major programs is Camp Wawbeek. For many people with disabilities having a great camp experience is difficult due to a lack of accessibility features or staff.

Fortunately for the hundreds of special needs campers that go there every year, Easter Seals Camp Wawbeek is specifically designed to provide a safe, accessible, and authentic camp experience for kids and adults.
However, running a camp like that doesn’t come easy which is why Easter Seals relies on lots of external support to be able to offer the experience their campers deserve.

KleenMark gives our corporate staff a paid day off each quarter to volunteer for a cause of their choosing.

So, we’re happy that the KleenMark team was able to provide some much needed cleaning assistance to get the camp ready for 2016.
Working as a well-oiled machine, we brought some professional equipment along to make their floors shine and their buildings look amazing. We were also proud to be able to provide Easter Seals with a ton of cleaning supplies that they had requested.

KleenMark helping out at Camp Wawbeek

Thanks to everyone from KleenMark that was able to donate their time!
How can you help Easter Seals?
Whether you have expertise, time, or money Easter Seals of Wisconsin could use your help! To see all of the ways you can make a difference in someone’s life, we’d highly encourage you to visit the Easter Seals of Wisconsin support page.

Camp Wawbeek – KleenMark Day of Service

WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis. – This past weekend a number of KleenMark employees gathered at Camp Wawbeek for our 2nd Kleenmark Day of Service for 2014.

Located in the beautiful area around Wisconsin Dells, Camp Wawbeek is run by Easter Seals Wisconsin and provides a safe and accessible camp experience for children and adults with special needs.

In addition donating the cleaning items for camp staff to use throughout the year, every spring KleenMark employees have joined with other volunteers to help clean up the property in preparation for the summer.

KleenMark Day of Service at Easter Seals Camp Wawbeek

Above: Chad and Laura have different ideas about what a “stick” looks like.

This year we showed up armed with more cleaning supplies and equipment to tackle the interior spaces that had gone untouched since last summer.

When it came time to divide and conquer, only outdoor projects were scheduled since the weather was so beautiful. All of the KleenMark volunteers worked outside to help clear brush, pick up trash on hiking trails, stack firewood, rake leaves, cleanout flower beds and power-wash a concrete patio stretching the entire length of the main cabin.

Once we finished with our projects, we explored the camp a little and were treated to a lunch of hot dogs and hamburgers.  The traditional camp “bug juice” was a nice compliment to the lunch and much needed to quench our thirst.

We also had the opportunity at lunch to hear about other groups and individuals that had taken the time to come out and help with the clean-up. Incredibly, there were people from as far away as Texas and New Jersey who had come out to help after their children were positively impacted by the programs at Camp Wawbeek.

It was great to hear stories of how our work could help provide a safe and meaningful experience for campers.

KleenMark Day of Service: Spring Road Cleanup

KleenMark Day of Service
Madison, WI – Whether it’s because we have the chance to grow in our careers, the ability to support and care for our families, or the opportunity to do something we love, at KleenMark we try to consistently remind our employees that we’re all incredibly fortunate in one way or another.
One of the best ways to show our appreciation for that fact is to find ways to share our good fortune with others.
That’s why we give our employees the opportunity to give back to our community through our KleenMark Day of Service program.
KleenMark Day of Service
For our first KleenMark Day of Service in 2014, we decided to help close home by cleaning up all of the trash and debris that had accumulated along with the snow this winter in our neighborhood.
Thanks to great weather, coffee and good attitudes by all of the employees and family members that showed up to help, we were able to clear away many bags of trash from the roads, lawns and along the Beltline by our Corporate HQ.
KleenMark Day of Service
Special thanks to everyone who was able to help and we’re already looking forward to our next KleenMark Day of Service in a couple of weeks!
KleenMark Day of Service
KleenMark Day of Service
KleenMark Day of Service
KleenMark Day of Service
KleenMark Day of Service
KleenMark Day of Service
KleenMark Day of Service
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