KleenMark Day of Service: Spring Road Cleanup

Madison, WI – Whether it’s because we have the chance to grow in our careers, the ability to support and care for our families, or the opportunity to do something we love, at KleenMark we try to consistently remind our employees that we’re all incredibly fortunate in one way or another.
One of the best ways to show our appreciation for that fact is to find ways to share our good fortune with others.
That’s why we give our employees the opportunity to give back to our community through our KleenMark Day of Service program.

For our first KleenMark Day of Service in 2014, we decided to help close home by cleaning up all of the trash and debris that had accumulated along with the snow this winter in our neighborhood.
Thanks to great weather, coffee and good attitudes by all of the employees and family members that showed up to help, we were able to clear away many bags of trash from the roads, lawns and along the Beltline by our Corporate HQ.

Special thanks to everyone who was able to help and we’re already looking forward to our next KleenMark Day of Service in a couple of weeks!

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