No Room for Cowboys – Spring Operations Meeting

KleenMark HQ, Madison, WI – “We don’t have room for cowboys here at KleenMark.”, Scott Stevenson, President and CEO.
At KleenMark we’ve learned the value of repeatable processes and making sure to share best practices across the company. That’s why roughly once a quarter we gather our entire operations staff together at KleenMark HQ in Madison, including Senior Management, Account Managers and Recruiting, to do just that.

“We don’t have room for cowboys here at KleenMark.” – Scott Stevenson, President and CEO

Opening up the meeting was a welcome by our COO, Tim Waldsmith, who had a great icebreaker of “If you were going to have dinner with one person this weekend…who would it be and why?”

The answers varied from great leaders to legends of music, but interestingly most of the answers revolved around family members, spouses and parents. As a family-owned company it was great to hear so many people who are working for more than just themselves.

Further on the agenda was a great discussion of our company values and how they should impact your decision-making by our President and CEO, Scott Stevenson. Also discussed was an update to our employee recruiting and retention policy by our Director of Recruiting, Jess Lawinger, a reminder to Always Bring Value in every communication with our customers by Josh Haroldson, Marketing Manager, and a technology update by Mike Lisle, Controller.
The meeting also served as an opportunity for our staff to tour the nearly completed renovation to our 1206 building. These renovations are designed to provide better collaborative spaces for our account managers, a unified space for sales and better staff amenities such as a renovated cafe.
Overall the meeting was a great team event and we’re already looking forward to the next one.

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