Looking for expert school cleaning? We’ve done our homework.

Federal guidelines. Worried parents. Increased demands. We have the experience and staff to support your team.

We’ve spent six decades mastering cleaning and disinfecting, so you don’t have to. 

Top-tier training.

Whether it’s breaking down CDC guidelines or studying the latest COVID-19 killing disinfectants, our teams receive extensive, regular training, so we take the best approach when cleaning your school’s facilities.

People power = great service.

Just like a lesson plan is useless without a great teacher, the same goes for a comprehensive cleaning program. Our technicians are some of the longest tenured in the industry. They deliver service so good it feels better than acing a pop quiz. 

Expertise you can rely on.

Cut-and-paste cleaning programs don’t work. Every building is different. Every in-house team has specific needs. We work with you to develop programs tailored to your facility. That means we’re more efficient and effective.

“Your rapid response was over and beyond, and greatly appreciated by the UW community! I am thankful to have (KleenMark) as a partner as we navigate through this COVID-19 situation.”

– Lance Baldus, Assistant Director, UW-Madison Conference Centers 

60 years of germ-killing experience. Yeah, we can handle today’s demands. 

Expert-backed Tips From the Front Lines