5 steps that help KleenMark hire more amazing cleaners

If you’re a manager you know that even with the best processes, the maximum quality of your team’s work depends on the make-up and ability of your employees.
That’s a fact we take to heart at KleenMark. From our CFO to our newest cleaners, we depend on having a talented team that’s capable of consistently doing great work in a fast-paced environment.
For us, the wrong hires = bad business.
Refer your friends and get $75!
So we know that before our cleaners ever put on a backpack vacuum identifying a great person is the best way to make sure you smile every time you see a blue KleenMark polo shirt in your building.
Which is why after 60 years and thousands of hires, we’re (extremely) proud to have developed a modern hiring process that consistently that blends technology with people to identify applicants we’ll be proud to have on our team.
And today…we’re going to give you a sneak peak into the 5 steps in that process we use to hire more amazing cleaners every single day.

KleenMark’s 5-Step Process for Hiring Cleaners

How to Hire Cleaners the KleenMark Way

1. Recruiting Team.

We’ve built a dedicated, bilingual recruiting team that is relentlessly focused on one thing…finding and hiring great cleaners. With multiple decades of experience in this industry we combine our deep recruiting knowledge with the latest technology to constantly build a database of prospective talent that can support our growth as we need it.

2. Online / In-Person Assessments and Interviews.

Our number one goal is to place cleaners in your building you can trust to act as an extension of you and your company. That’s why every potential hire is put through a thorough screening process that includes a behavioral assessment, phone, and in-person interviews before an offer of employment is extended.

3. Verification.

We’re committed to doing things the right way and to placing people in your building that you can trust. That’s why we perform thorough background checks – reviewing a seven-year period – through Consolidated Court Automation Program, E-Verify, and more if required.

4. References / Drug Testing.

We think that the past performance can be a good indicator of future behavior so we also verify a minimum of two positive previous employment references for every new hire. All KleenMark employees are subject to a random drug testing policy both before and during their employment.

5. Hiring and Training.

After an offer of employment is made and accepted every one of our cleaners is required to verify they have completed a thorough online training program that outlines our expectations and the ongoing resources available to them as a part of the KleenMark (and your) team.
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KleenMark's 5-Step Hiring Process

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