When outsourcing isn’t the answer: 6 questions to ask before you outsource anything.

6 questions to ask before outsourcing anything

“Is outsourcing the greatest thing since sliced bread or more like New Coke?”

Our COO, Tim Waldsmith, answered this question along with 6 other key questions you should ask before outsourcing anything in his presentation at the WASBO Facilities Masters Conference.
We were honored to be able to share our thoughts on this sometimes tough topic with over 50 facility professionals from school districts across the state of Wisconsin.
In our 45 minutes we were able to have an honest discussion about things like:

  • The plusses and minuses of different outsourcing models
  • Alternatives to outsourcing
  • When outsourcing does makes sense

It was also great to hear stories and perspectives from people in the room about their (good and bad) experiences with outsourcing during the Q&A.
In case you missed our presentation look for us at future WASBO events or go to kleenmark.com/wasbo to download:

  • Our presentation slides
  • An outsourcing checklist
  • Get updated on future KleenMark education seminars

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