4 ways to ID a great post-construction cleanup service

Curious what to look for in a post-construction cleanup service to help you ID one that’s not only effective but also efficient?  

It’s a common question. And it’s one that often gets overlooked during the building process. Everyone is focused on completing the job – not cleaning up afterward. But it’s a critical step to ensure your space is ready for employees and visitors.  

We’re going to break down what you should expect from your post-construction cleanup crew, so that when it comes time to hire a team, you see the red flags before it’s too late. 

  1. Timely service. Sometimes, post-construction cleanup isn’t easy to plan in advance, due to moving project deadlines, delays and other issues. A top-tier cleaning service will be able to respond quickly and professionally. At KleenMark, our crews are prepared and staffed to respond without significant lead time.  
  1. Training. Effective cleaning requires the right training. Ensure the service you select has teams who understand your nuanced needs and how to prepare a new or refurbished space for reopening. Our cleaners undergo expert, in-house training when hired and receive monthly training updates.  
  1. Experience. We’ve been at it for 60 years, so our crews know the ins and outs of what it takes to ensure a quality post-construction cleanup. The result: More efficient cleanups that take less time. Make sure the service you select can work quickly AND effectively. 
  1.  Equipment. HEPA vacuum cleaners. A fleet of floor scrubbers. The right equipment makes a difference. Check to ensure your service has the equipment and gear needed to handle the job.  

These four things may sound simple. And they are. But often they’re overlooked or not considered up front. The result is a less-than-satisfactory cleanup that slows down the final stage of your construction project and causes unnecessary frustration. 

About the Author 

Jeremy Angle leads our team in Southeast Wisconsin. As general manager of our Milwaukee branch, he works with some of our largest clients to ensure they have the right cleaning program in place. 

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