Commercial Cleaning: 4 touch-free options to prevent the spread of germs

Germs love certain spots. Our hands and restrooms, for starters.

When it comes to restroom products, hands-free options should be top of mind — especially in a pandemic environment. Automated, motion-sensor technology makes hygiene easier and prevents the spread of germs, all while maintaining a sleek, professional look.

We’ve been providing commercial cleaning equipment and supplies to organizations throughout Wisconsin for decades. Our product specialists, who test every product we offer, have a few tips and recommendations to help you out:

Automated Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser

  • Why it’s important: Frequent hand-washing and hand-sanitizing are more important now than ever. Touching a manual soap dispenser or sanitizer bottle can leave behind unwanted germs for the next person. Wall-mounted, motion-activated dispensers are a double whammy: they simplify the hand-washing process while preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses.
  • We recommend the Enmotion Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser, offering a sleek, professional look and easy maintenance.

Automated Paper Towel Dispenser

  • Why it’s important: Hand-drying is as important as hand-washing, because bacteria is more likely to be transmitted via wet skin rather than dry skin. Paper towels are proven to be more hygienic than air dryers, with studies showing they can effectively remove bacteria and reduce restroom contamination.
  • We recommend the Enmotion Automated Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser featuring customizable settings and a 4-year battery life.

Enclosed Toilet Paper Dispenser

  • Why it’s important: Toilet paper enclosures protect against moisture and bacteria by harboring  germs that would otherwise end up on the paper itself, especially from the spray of uncovered toilets.
  • We recommend the Compact High-Capacity Toilet Paper Dispenser featuring a transfer paddle to prevent access to a new roll before the current roll is completely used up.

Touchless Trash Can

  • Why it’s important: The CDC recommends having trash cans that don’t require someone to push on a lid. Paper towels can harbor leftover bacteria from handwashing, and may pose a hygiene hazard if not disposed of properly.
  • We recommend: the Nex-Terra waste and recycling center. Its open top eliminates the need to touch a lid and the slender, low-profile design allows it to be placed nearly anywhere in your facility without blocking traffic.

Need more information, have questions or want to place an order? Contact our product expert, Doug Lerch at

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