5 Things Your Manufacturing Facility Should Look For in a Cleaning Crew

Everyone knows it’s important to have a clean work environment– but for manufacturing facilities, it’s an even bigger deal. Complex equipment has to be safely cleaned and disinfected to help keep things productive, efficient and safe, and regulated processes must be followed. Your partnership with a good cleaning company can make or break that. 

Your facility has a range of particular cleaning and disinfecting needs, which means you’ll need a cleaning partner with a range of capabilities. In a nutshell, here’s what to look for:  

1.  Certifications.  

A reliable cleaning company has properly certified technicians who know what they’re doing around all kinds of equipment– for example, trash compactors. And in a pandemic environment, it’s a good idea to look out for cleaners trained to disinfect. 

“Our technicians get special training to service high-touchpoint disinfection needs as well as cleanup following a confirmed COVID-19 case,” said Mike Staver, KleenMark’s director of operations.  

2. Safety.  

For a manufacturing facility, this is a top concern. You’ll want to check out the company’s safety record. Can they prove that they’re safe? Have they had a lot of on-the-job accidents? Make sure their cleaning methods consider industrial hazards and that each cleaner is capable of working among potential dangers that pop up in factories. 

Additionally, ensure your cleaning company is trained in: 

  • Personal protective equipment 
  • Forklift safety 
  • Hazard awareness 
  • Other awareness details often overlooked (i.e. no headphones) 

3. Training.  

Beyond fundamental cleaning training, it’s important teams understand manufacturing environment concerns such as proper lifting and forklift safety. Ask for information about the training cleaners receive and how often they receive new, updated training. 

“At KleenMark, we know how important it is to work safely in every environment,” Staver said. “Once a month, our technicians get training relevant to the industries they clean for.” 

4. Staffing.  

Look at the company’s turnover history, especially at the account manager level. It’s a good sign when many have been with the company for years. Account managers are the lynchpin in the operation. They will keep teams operating efficiently and effectively in your facility. 

“Most of Kleenmark’s account managers started as cleaners, so they really understand all levels of the process. That’s key,” Staver said. “If your cleaning company has low turnover at this level, it’s a good sign that you’re working with a reliable organization.  

5. Consistency.  

Make sure your cleaning company has a documented process that’s transparent. If you’re getting mixed results, find out how that’s being addressed. Inspection is critical. Read more about what a proper post-cleaning inspection looks like, here

Send us a note if you want to know more about how KleenMark addresses each of these priorities for manufacturers.  

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