Commercial cleaning: What a post-cleaning inspection should tell you

When it comes to commercial cleaning, it’s easy to think your manufacturing facility is getting “cleaned.” Garbage is collected. Toilet paper is refilled. But, unless your cleaning company provides transparent, thorough inspections, proceed with caution.

As easy as it is to see when trash and debris have been removed, that’s not enough to tell you whether a surface has been properly disinfected. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic environment we’re operating in, it’s important to stay on top of this information. How can you monitor what’s been cleaned and disinfected and when?

What to ask about

As a client, you should ask about certain information during a post-cleaning inspection with your commercial cleaning company. Consider the following:

  • Consistency.  How is the company measuring consistent cleaning and disinfecting performance? Look for regular inspection and grading of their own performance against the scope of work.
  • Transparency. How accessible is information regarding their inspection process? Look for clear communication – and if that’s not the case, run fast. It’s likely no transparency means little oversight.
  • Technology. How do they track their work? How often is it graded? Look for a company that keeps up with details and makes data easy for a client to see and interpret. A top-tier program will have easy-to-access dashboards so you can view inspections and results any time.

To keep things as clear as possible, your commercial cleaning company should use a checklist to track the cleaning of your facility. It’s a good idea to separate certain areas into individual categories, such as:

  • Reception areas or corridors
  • Offices or cubicles
  • Conference rooms
  • Production and shipping areas
  • Restrooms
  • Lounges or break rooms

Within those categories, outline a checklist of high-touch points for disinfection. This could look like:

  • Restrooms: door handles, faucets, soap dispenser handles, trash receptacle touch points
  • Break area/Cafeteria: vending machine buttons, refrigerator handles, microwave handles, chairs, tables, countertops, soap dispenser handles, towel dispenser handles
  • Manufacturing workstations: workstation touch points, motorized and non-motorized equipment touch points, trash receptacle touch points
  • Interior and exterior trash/recycling: trash receptacle touch points

Seem like a lot? Don’t worry, we’ve got it laid out for you. The checklist below can be used or attached as a statement of work (SOW) indicating which areas and surfaces are to be cleaned.

Simplify with digital

Technology is key – it can make the post-cleaning inspection process easier and more efficient. For example, Kleenmark’s technicians use CleanTelligent.

“The app lets us constantly measure and refine what we’re doing, and that really sets our technicians apart when it comes to inspections,” said Scott Stevenson, president and CEO.

Using CleanTelligent, you can review the cleanliness of each area of your facility quickly and easily, seeing ratings over time: green (passed area), yellow (cautionary area)  or red (failed area). A well-oiled cleaning team will regularly upload photos and notes to keep you up-to-date.

Want to talk through what a cleaning program and inspection process may look like for your manufacturing facility? Have questions? Send us a note.

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